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  1. I think immage posting has been disabled. I think you have to put up a link via photobucket, flickr etc.
  2. Sweet deal, sound's like it's just what you needed. Any links? Would love to see your work today.
  3. I think there may be a 'pipe dream' element to it, but none the less, i'm taking it seriously. I think for sure a good idea to have a metting with a doctor and discuss the options. At the end of it, it comes down to the question of, Does she want the dream bad enough.
  4. Glad i'm not alone. i wonder if this is soley an asperger thing? Alot of your responses sound very simular to me.
  5. Sounds like a break is the best thing for you. When you return, try and avoid topics like this were you can easily get upset.
  6. It's always sad when an enthusiastic active member leaves. We all value your posts, there's always a place for you here, so if you decide to come back, we'll be keeping seat warm for you.
  7. Welcome aboard. I rember what it was like at that age (I was 5 when diagnosed) Very confusing and frightening. You have my full support if you ever wanted a chat about it. And if you wanted to send some of your baking for me to give a review on...............
  8. Well, as some of you know, I'm due to go to india in march with my friend who has very advanced cancer. Last night i thought really hard about this, and talked it through with my mum (who is a nurse) She said, If i get ill out there, i'll get really ill. If she gets ill, it will kill her. Now i couldn't care less about what happens to me, all i care about is her having the time of her life, but can she have the time of her life with that sword dangling above her head? That plus my mother also mentioned there's no way she would get insurance, and the requred injections. I don't want to rob her of this experience, but i also cant have it on my conscience if she dies out there. (immagine the 8 hour flight back to tell her parents the news) In other words, this situation is renting space in my head, it nags me constantly. Is it worth the gamble? I might get ill out there i might not, and vice versa. We might both get away with it, but if we both dont one of us will perish (and i'll be the guy that has to live with that forever) What to do, what to do........ I'm always told to throw all my worries at gods feet, but when a situation is this real, i can't seem to do it.
  9. No i also hate that. If i wanted help i'd ask for it, lol.
  10. Good post, and taken on board.
  11. These are all things i have pondered over the last year or so. I came on expecting to change peoples views, just like that, but it wasn't the case. Me being a typical asperger guy, i had my typical tunnel vision, and could only see from my perspective. One big thing this forum thought me was to see from others perspectives.
  12. Yeah, if you go onto edit your profile, and scroll down, you should see a blank box with the word 'members title' you can type into that box whatever you like.
  13. Well when i started i wanted to change everyones views. In fact sa skimrande, i have an old thread you might be interested in called warriors mission, changing your view on aspergers forever. it was my first thread, don't know if you caught it or not, i'll dig it out if you like. Going back to the main point, i got more than i expected with some of the support and help i have recived. and i quess friendship was a good bonus. Espeshilly the OP to this topic.
  14. Much to consider here, good points. I must point out that, the rules arn't new. Then new pin in the general disscussion is a clone copy of the rules that have always been here. Since they are hard to spot, i just posted them up as a point of reference. Nothing has changed.
  15. Cameraderie (sorry about the spelling lol)
  16. It's true, on one i'm a member of it doesn't take much, on there you really have to triple check your posts. this forum will never get like that. (i hope)
  17. As suze said, this will go no were lancs, message me. sa skimrande do what pleases you.
  18. I haven't even unpacked my mod hat yet, this is all too much for a first day. Basically what's happend is, this forum hasn't been moderated for sometime. even now with mods this is still holiday camp compaired to another forum i go on. By now sa skimrande and lancslad would have been banned, or at least recived infractions, for arguing with the moderators. I go back to my origanal point, and that is this forum hasn't been moderated in along time, plus aspies don't like change. I won't, but i do know of a moderator or 2 that will have no qualms in banning you if you keep up. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill, and just take the warning or whatever it was on the chin. I get infractions on the other place just for blocking out swear words! More importantly my face is up here lads! stop looking at my mod tag and look at my name tag A-S warrior! The main thing im going to do as a mod is kill spam, and work with the rules, that is all. And lads, first day yeah? cut me some slack and give me a chance before you attack me with your weird and winding posts. This argument will ultimaltley go no were, beacuse regardless as to what you or i think, there are rules in place, (which i'm revising) of which i'm bound to now as a member of staff on this forum. Again before you attack this point ive been doing this for a matter of hours and am still learning, and learning is what i'm doing! Even harder when the only veteran mod left is suze. And lancslad you know me better that anyone else on this forum, you kknow my strenghs and weaknesses and i get the feeling your exploting those. # So much for being mates eh? the only thing that's changed is your own perspection of me beacuse i am now a moderator. Never mind the fact i'm still the same guy i was 48 hours ago.
  19. What issues? All ive done is pin the rules other than the locked topic. Anything else is news to me. I've been posting as normal other than that.
  20. In one day ive gone from forum favorate, to everyone hating me. haha what a difference a day can make eh?

    1. aspieman


      Your doing a great job there sir, People do tend to oppose moderation, Don't let it stress you :)

    2. trekster


      well said to all 3 of you folks :-)


    3. Merry


      ...and i'm learning a lot from you right now so...no hate here! :)

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  21. With it being my first night i was being careful. I locked it until a decicion was made, and then the OP requested it to be removed. (she was happy with that) case closed. It would of been re opened at a later date if it was the consensus.
  22. Guest's (we do get a few) who could be anyone could be reading, they could be children. All i can say to you is read the rules. (they maybe in need of edititing) but they are the rules none the less, and that is what i have been instructed to follow.
  23. Does anybody else find town centres too much? All i ever seem to see, when walking through town is a blurry mix of coulors. I can't focus on what i want to buy, and all the shops look the same. some shops look totally pointless. And then there's the people that ambush you in the street with flyers. Give me a quite little row of village shops anyday. At least then i can see the wood through the trees.
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