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  1. Hi Skimrande, Thank you for the link on The Indigo children though its pretty basic...I did expect alittle bit more...but I do see how special our children are...they can be extremely challenging but again through their challenges they are giving us the parents and adults opportunities to learn how not to fall into a life of controlled living...As children we the 'normal' people are conditioned to behave in a certain way, remaining within the correct framework of existence, where as these children break all those set of rules in to oblivion:)...creating a much more freer and much more creative way of living...And again I do agree with the fact that children or adults with ASD are alot more sensitive to the energies around them...Its important we realise the intensity of their emotions is usually linked to what is happening around them or within the house...negative emotions can really send them over the edge...As parents we need to learn to recognise what makes them play up or upset...If we can learnto work with our children our own live would be more peaceful and loving...
  2. AS, no important message is ever lost, sometimes it can take alittle time for the message to take root...
  3. Thanks skimrande, for posting this site...something that popped straight out at me without even reading through was horseback riding being good for children with ASD etc...This is something I tried to implement for my son a few years back ehen he was facing social interacitons problems at school..but the riding schools were at a distance from our home so it never materialised...As it was the first thing that stood out for i feel I need to look into it again..I know it will make such a difference to him and all aspects...
  4. Guys, guys:)....what a situation...She maybe interested but it doesn't mean you will have to respond with a cold rejection...try just being truthful, women like being treated with honesty and respect, but than AS you did say you were 'flattered' so what does that tell you about YOU, me thinks you are trying to find a loophole;)p? If you're not interested than you have nothing to worry about.....
  5. In regards to emotional maturity, it has nothing to do with a certain condition on its own...Every single event in our lives contributes to it....from how we handle day to day situations, how focused we are in the direction of our goals, do we look at our situations with honesty and clarity...Do we blame the world for our own negative or lazy way of dealing with things...unless one has a severe learning difficulty that hinders our growth we have no-one to blame but ourselves because the responsibility again lies with us...are we doing everything in our power to put in the hard graft that needs putting in place for things to start moving in our lives...or are we expecting things to magically appear in our lives without having to work for them?...The more we learn to face our own truths and see them for what they are, the more we are open to maturity and growth... Finding positive ways to move our lives forward instead of waiting for something external to change our situations is the only way forward...We all mature at different levels whether we have AS or KS or ADHD or we are classed as "normal"...Each one of us is battling the same choices, every single moment in our lives no matter who were are and what our own personal crutches are... So simply and powerfully put by Lancslad...Maturity starts with taking reponsibility for our own choices and actions or NOn- actions...NOthing more!
  6. I just wanted to say everything you have written is so well balanced...You have taken the responibility of your own choices, actions and made life work for you...You have faced the ugly truths about your past choices and instead of closing your eyes to them and carrying on to blame others and the external forces outside of you, you have pro-activley changed them for a better future and a better you...It is always a hard journey to find the real us, sometimes we have to traverse through life's ultimate challenges, being battered and bruised and to keep picking ourselves up each time we're on our knees, to learn who we really are and what is really important to us and why...I have found myself on my knees again, and started to drift back into feeling 'SORRy ' for myself and hard done by...each word you have written has resonated with how I try to live my life and be responsible for my choices...Thank you so much for the reminder my friend, you have helped me up from my position of giving in, you have given me a sense of direction and a sense of empowerment I haven't felt for a while!...God Bless yOu always...
  7. Jeanne, Its not easy to watch your loved one self harm especially with such force and aggression, i've been there with my niece, know that like Lanclad said it will subside when thing become alittle more tolerable for him...Children with mental health isue need stability and balance to feel safe and cared for...not being settled in the carehome and moving form place to place can rattle even the strongest of us...Just be there for him, if he allows you to come close, just hold his arms in place and hold him against you...let him feel you care....that his not alone...all he needs is comfort to know everything will be ok...I know that will be the hardest thing to do when all he wants to do is lash out but you have to find that child within him thats hurting so badly...He needs to learn trust again...xox
  8. Very intersting read Raydon, thank you...now need to digest it all and place in the correct compartments;)P..
  9. Hi Skimrande, welcome back, hope you had a great weekend:)! My Dosha is apperantely Kapha, but being a complex soul I think I am a kapha/Vata...Applying the methods and maintaining them is the hardest for me but once things are in place and I can see the change I can usually carry things through...I have done this before and have used certain foods types to help me balance my body and mind...In the Middle Eastern countries and Asia spices and certain food types are used to enhance ones health more than using orthodox meds and they worked aswell...It a shame modern day treatments have taken their place were we're basically poisening our bodies even further...
  10. I have always been a planner...I plan ahead for most things that I know can or will happen at any given time, but like before were I would go out of my way to look at every detail and make sure it was all ready and waiting for when needed, I now don't stress myself too much but will still be prepared without becoming too anxious...for instance if i've invited my LARGE family on one of our occasions I will get the shopping in at advance, pre-cook, chop, dice, my veg etc the night before, take out my dinner set and cutlery etc, sort out the place we they will be seated and in the morning I will do the rest having time to be a good attentive host without blowing a fuse:)!....I have always kept spare candles for the occasional bulb blowing or the electrics going off and keep a blanket, water and coats handy in our car when we travel a little further out just incase of any accidents or probs with the car on the highway...though nothing to the extent that you have preapred for Skimrande:)!...but good on you, its better to be prepared...!
  11. Hi Mannify:), With my son starting his secondry school this year and not knowing what was out there for Aspie teens and young adults in regards to career paths etc I thought why not see if theres a forum were I can access more info...and talking to other Aspies and their family members may help with understanding my son at more of a deeper level, so I can steer him in the right direction and give him a good foundation for his adult life ahead...like AS warrior this was the very first forum and I clicked in to see if it was worth joining and I haven't regretted it...
  12. Raydon, Mannify, Skimrande, Lancslad, dekra and robertmannma, Thanks guys for adding your memories...its really interesting that almost all of you have a recollection from the ages of 2 years...Mannify, your mum really was creative in her ways to colour to your feed even though she may not have realised the adverse affects of food colours on children in those days...My mum would def have tried the same had she thought of it she was well known to dip my sisters dummy in honey before placing it in her mouth or eating what was left of her tinned food or farleys rusks;)!... robertmannma, I hope going back to that time didn't cause you any upset...but its interesting to see how childrens minds process their surroundings...thank you for adding even though your memories were not happy ones...much appreciated
  13. Nice to know that 'wise girls' have been added in as an after thought;)...Welcome back Ben... Wisdom is in knowing and wieghing up all factors before dealing your hand...sometimes our over confidence can create situations we cannot handle, lack of confidence and lack of knowledge of the situation can similarly place a person in a dangerous position...so Balance and knowledge are the keys to use for a successful outcome to any situation...SO SAYS A WOMAN, you do know the fundemental rule of life.....women are always right;)P!!!
  14. I haven't read the whole thread, but I feel that lazyness is more to do with depression, feeling of low self esteem, feeling there isn't any point in doing anything as no matter what they do its not going to make any difference to their lives...they want to be left alone to wollow in self pity and not be distracted by doing the every day mundane things...We NT's also go through the very same, its just a natural process of the mind and body giving up to put it plainly... Lazyness can only be stamped out by ones understanding of how important it is to keep moving, giving your mind and body something to do other than thinking...its a cycle of self surrender that is carrying on to damage you even further and debilitate you if ones not careful...
  15. Hi, guys just thought leave you something to think about over the weekend...As a 7/8 month old baby I have vivid memories of being in my cot, I can remember my mum moving about the room and switching on and placing a room small radio by my head as I lay there while she worked...I can sense and feel the atmosphere of the 60's era and the environment in the room and have a knowing of not being alone.... What are your very first memories and how old were you? Looking forwards to some interesting memories...
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