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  1. my son has been verbally abused by a boy in his class every day for a long time now. He didnt tell me till recently though, anyway told the school and they phoned today to say the boy has been warned and if it happenned again he would be suspended. Im so pleased at last he can have some peace (i hope).
  2. sats! Lordy lordy, both my kids have sats all this week, Tom , AS, and daughter ellie who is 11 and has some difficulties mainly with english and spelling work. The atmosphere was tense to say the least this morning, i could hear tom prowling about the house at 3 this morning, he finally settled down at 4 and then had to get up at 7, so he wasntin the best of moods. Plus it was teaming it down with rain this morning and both walk, so they would have to sit with wet trousers during an exam, what joy!!!!! wish them, and us! luck.
  3. <'> I told my son that he thinks differently from other children, and that perhaps he may have more difficulty with schooling etc. I didnt go too deeply into it he was 8 at the time. then i let him read freaks geeks and aspergers syndrome by Luke Jackson, that was his bible and sometimes still is, he is almost 13 now, and he has been able to find similarities to himself many times in this great book. Good luck with yr son <'>
  4. oh love him, im so pleased for him, hope he does well.
  5. <'> you have my symapthy, my son bites his toe nails and i cant count the times i have had to take him to gp with a swolen puss filled big toe. there is nothing i can do though he used to bite his nails but now he dosent, but his toes are a big problem. sorry but im no help at all!! <'>
  6. yep im with you on this one, yr dd needs to take extra care, being young is bad enough these days, but i would say she nneds to watch out more than others. im dreading it if mine decide to start going out. <'>
  7. my son ignored my daughter till she was old enough to get in his way!. they argue all the time now though, shes 11 and hes almost 13. they dont get on at all, i wish they did but hey ho, i never got on with my sister either and still dont, so u cd say its just the human condtition.
  8. my son is almost 13 and still speaks in monotone, his teacher says shes not sure if its teenage syndrome or aspergers lol <'>
  9. elaine1


    <'> welcome, this group is great and im sure you will have lots in common with us all. nice to see you!
  10. oh wow thats so good of them, bless him
  11. <'> oh dear, these things happen, i remember when ellie was small she sat on my lap in bed and just threw her head forward and bashed me on the lip. She split it right open, it was sooo sore. hope youre eye isnt too bad! <'>
  12. <'> im so pleased, funny how kids dont have the 'hang ups' that older ppl do isnt it?
  13. you could be living in this house right now. My son is getting the same, one boy inparticular has it in for him, school has been told several times but noone offers to help they just say leave it to us, but the boy gets a telling off and then goes back for more. why ar our kids not protected you can bet if it were this boy or the boys bothering yr son they would get protection cos their parents wd probably go to the school and punch the teacher. it makes me puke!
  14. elaine1

    im back

    not as painful as i thought yayyy <'>
  15. to say im pooing myself is an understatement - OMG . should i by some fluke be able to transfer without a hitch i should be back by the weekend, if not send out the fire brigade!
  16. Tom went on a school trip to the black country museum today - fine and dandy you may say but no this is my son were talking about!. He took sandwiches which he didnt eat - this is a living museum whith old fashioned shops ,houses, a pub, a swimming baths, school, forges etc. These are genuine buildings which have been taken from the black country and rebuilt in the museum, its a great place to go actualy. anyhoo i digress - . I gave tom ?10 to spend, they have a fabulous old fish and chip shop which sells twisty bags of chips with loads of batter peices, yummy, a cake shop and a sweet shop - they actually make the sweets there and the smell is heavenly. I thought he will have enough to have some chips and sweets, and then buy something in the shop on the way out. He comes home with 20 yep 20 packets of football stickers, he spent over ?7 on bloomin football stickers!. Jesu! I was about to tell off the schoolteachers and he said i bought these from the newsagents on the way home. He hadnt bought any sweets or chips nor did he have a ride on the fairground. I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. yep we had that too, i think its secondary school and hormones all at once. we have it at the moment with my non as daughter, so its just kids i think in general!
  18. <'> If u were a bad person you wouldnt be here, you help a lot of ppl, there is nothing wrong with protecting yr son who else is going to do it?
  19. Oh i feel for you. My son toms overiding obsession is with manchester united. He has others but this is the main one for him. He says im going to play for them when i leave school. He writes to them to let them know which players to use for their next games etc, they never reply by the way. He loves football but cant play very well he dosent have the courage to tackle anyone and used to train every sturday with a team but they never used him so he left. He loved it too. I know that he truly believes he is going to play for them, but how do i tell him he has no chance of that?. do i continue to let him dream?. my elder daughter actually mocked up a letter with the man u symbols etc, cos he was so disillusioned with no anwsers to his. He loves it, perhaps u cd do tht for yr son?. how i dont know. good luck with it <'>
  20. I got nero 7, so have started to copy some files onto disc. only thing is what happens to all the groups i belong to, do i have to rejoin when my internet is connected again or what?. I belong to loads of psp groups and forums, also paid sites too. dont u wish u hadnt started something?
  21. yep that is useful ty, i dont think any of the files are audio. i will try and reinstall nero. ty
  22. elaine1

    google earth

    im downloading it as we speak <'>
  23. ok at the outset, Im a total technophobe. I decided to buy a puter from Dell, but the prob is I have literally loads of files on this one, (i make tags with paint shop pro and animation shop), and obviously i want to transfer them to my new puter. I have nero if that helps, but when i added all the files to a burn list and put in a cdr the draw came out after about 10 mins saying it couldnt burn. Is ther any other way i can transfer a large amount of data onto one disc all at once. I dont want to be faffing about for ages copying onto loads of discs. also, the discs i used were CD-R80 from aldi, are they suitable for copying data to, i know nothing about cds at all!!! hope someone can help im at my wits end.
  24. <'> oh you are so brave to do that, Im sure many ppl will benefit from reading it <'>
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