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  1. <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> Hope everything goes smoothly on Tuesday, try not to worry too much. Clare x x x
  2. Hiya and welcome Clare
  3. Hi Nikki, Good luck for the 16th Feb. The M school would only be up the road from me and I never heard of it nor was it suggested to us ah well, I hope a suitable placement is found very soon. Clare x x x
  4. Clare63

    Hello Again

    Hiya Sooze, Welcome back, horrible not having an internet connection isn't, look forward to catching up Clare x x x
  5. Well Cool !!! Congratulations Warren, enjoy ya new job, but don't let that power go to ya head Clare x x x
  6. Nikki, I went through the complaints procedure with the suppor of my MP who contacted the Head of Schools & Learning, funnily enough once the initial complaint was raised they quickly moved our case forward and we got the school which we believed was best for our son. (I think it might be the school you looked at, if its one from the "P" Group IYKWIM). DS son started in November and has come on in leaps and bounds, the school is brilliant and really understands AS. My DH and I loved the school as suggested by MurphySG, though was total unsuitable for our child, its much larger than the other school with a lot more children with an asortment of conditions. At that school they have onsite therapists and councellors. Our LA really pushed for this school as it is a hell of a lot cheaper than the one we are at now, in my complaint I also complained about this push as they clearly had no understand of my child's individual needs. If you think there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask. Clare x x x
  7. That's such a positive How wonderful Clare x x x
  8. Clare63


    Hi Blp, Welcome, so glad you found us ! Clare
  9. Moll, I am sorry to hear your are having such an awful day, I hope your son burns out soon and settles back down. Sending you some hugs ~ <'> <'> <'> Clare x x x
  10. More Hugs Donna, hope things get better real soon. <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> Clare x x x
  11. Hiya.... Welcome to the forum. I like singing too Clare
  12. Very much enjoyed reading the extracts, looking for to seeing the finished book. Clare x x x
  13. Clare63

    It's Snowing!!!!

    Great photo's Mumble.....lovin all the different snowmen/people. Clare x x x
  14. Clare63

    It's Snowing!!!!

    Have had a huge fall over night and have at least 12 inches......so beautiful ! DS and I have been out most of the morning in our ski wear building the biggest snowman ever . Thawing out now over steaming bowls of soup. Clare x x x
  15. Clare63

    It's Snowing!!!!

    Blimey I must have prayed too hard.....just had a look, its like a blizzard out there !!!!!!
  16. Clare63

    It's Snowing!!!!

    So far just a dusting.............but I want more We never seem to get much, but I am hoping and praying My muck boots are at the ready by the front door Clare x x x
  17. Kelly, What a great start, sounds like people are starting to listen and you have empowered yourself to take action rather than wait for the school to do something. Parents in Partnership Surrey were also very helpful for me and proved to be another scource on "your side" as it were, I found them to be very supportive and sent me lots of information. I'll dig my paperwork and pm you the telephone number. Do you know who will be attending the multiagency meeting ? as you are quite near me, I would not be surprised if someone from the COOS (Children out of school) agency will be there, whilst their role is to get the child back into school, they will undertake their own assessment and tailor it to the individual child, with my Connor's case they knew it would be a long shot to get him back from whence he came and that it would take a long time. Not only did they work with Connor they also provided me with enormous support as a parent and with a mentor visting the home several times a week a good relationship was built. I do however rememeber that COOS will usually only work with children under CAMHS, I am not sure if your son is with them yet, I am guessing it could be at the same hospital as us ? Although its bound to be a long journey, I feel quite excited for you, you've made a brillaint start and will now hopefully get lots of help for your son and his education Clare x x x
  18. Yes Fiorelli, that exactly the one ! the purpose of our prescription was to regulate a sleep/wake apttern, so that sounds about right when you say to regulate the body clock. Bit concerned that it does not stop your child waking or sleep less fretfully, as DS can be like this, especially if he is anxious and then he needs his sleep most. Well I have got to get him to take it first and at nearly 14 really can't force the issue or trick him as that would really not be fair. in the meantime we will keep discussing it and I will relay stories from the forum of other children taking it to try and reassure him its not going to give nay ill effects. Thanks for your reply. Clare x x x
  19. Nope....did he didn't, although thought he might like to try it around midnight, but I decided against in case he did not wake up in time for school ! We gonna have to do something because I am exhausted, but I really do not want to trick him into to taking it or he might think I spike all his food and drinks. In the meantime we'll have to just keep discussing it. Clare x x x
  20. Wonder why Connor's is so different then, I wonder what the "bio" bit is ???
  21. Thanks Aro, the type we have is a coated pill and it was suggested to take with yoghurt as you stated crushed up. We had to have a special form to take along to the pharmacist as apparently the drug is unlicensed in the UK ? this version comes from Denmark !!! Clare x x x
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