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  1. Does that apply for for transitions from infant to junior school? I was told by the lovely LA bloke today that this deadline (which he told me about weeks ago and I have been waiting for!) doesn't strictly apply to my son as he is currently in a special school that takes children from 3yrs-16+...... Off to read the link! Thank you.
  2. Clare - I'm glad to hear that you got your son to the right school eventually and that complaining actually helped! I went to see the "P" group school and they felt that ds would cope there, but "The M" one in Ottershaw that very few people have ever heard of is the only one that will be able to give him the input he needs. I am told that if they are going to amend his statement they have to do it by 16th Feb.....so if they don't I intend to send of my letter of complaint and see if that's gets us anywhere. Thanks, Nikki.
  3. Hmmm..... I haven't been to see that one! I think I might go and have a look - just to see if they could provide ds with the SALT input he desperately needs. Thank you
  4. DS was discussed at their LAPAG (Local Assessment and Placement Advisory Group - which i believe is their panel) on 4th December 08. I have it in writing (as well as a Head Teacher yelling it from the rooftop) that the CLD school is no longer suitable. Have put my view of which school is suitable in writing. I haven't yet written to the Director, but will give that a go. I have a solicitor who is prepared to take on this battle and SS, so I guess it'll keep him busy for a while! Thank you call me jaded you have helped me make a decision - hopefully the LA will pull their finger out without too much aggro. I'm off to start a letter to the Director.....
  5. Oooops I forgot that crucial bit! Yes, I have found the perfect placement - it's a non-maintained place in a neighbouring county that would be ideal as it's specifically for children with language issues. It was the last school I went to see and the only one where I saw children just like my ds. They have a speech therapist in every class and there are a maximum of 10 children in each class (with a teacher and classroom assistant too) and therefore my ds would get the SALT input that he so obviously needs. The Ed Psych had seen the school before and thought it was the only suitable place for him and her latest report basically says this but without mentioning the actual school (or else I guess she would be in big trouble!) The SALT at his CLD school and the Deputy Head came to look around the school with me (as well as Smiley!) and both of them thought it was just want he needed. I think what gets me is the LA bloke knew in September that this was going to be the only placement that was suitable.... yet those in charge of the budget clearly don't like it! DS has an ASD and an expressive and receptive language disorder. I don't want to go through the saga of complaining if it's not going to help matters. It's taken 11.5months to get to the point of going to the ombudsman with SS, if going down this route for education is avoidable then I'll happily skip it, but I can't see how else I get my ds what he needs. Thanks for replying.
  6. Whilst I am on a roll with my Stage 3 complaint about Social Services, I thought I might as well start on the Education route too! My problem is that my 6yr old ds is at a CLD school and is now "too able" for it (I am not knocking that - it's fantastic!) and don't have a suitable peer group. My issue is that the school said he needed to change schools at his annual review in September 08 and the seemingly OK bloke from the LA agreed and got that the long list of schools I had seen wouldn't be able to meet ds's needs and was pleased that I was going to see a private language school (as language is his biggest issue). At the beginning of December they tried to get the local MLD school to take him. They refused as he was "too able" and wouldn't have a suitable peer group. So then they sent his paperwork to a mainstream jnrs with a resource unit. The senco went to his school to observe him and said they couldn't manage him. Now the seemingly OK (but getting less so every time I talk to him!) bloke at the LA says they are now talking about the MLD school with specific SALT input....that or just leaving him where he is and NOT amending his statement!! Which means I cannot appeal in anyway! So I know I can request a re-assessment, but that will take time and means leaving him in a placement that is so totally unsuitable for him for even longer. I was wondering if making an official complaint about them dragging their heels would make any difference?? I feel I have to do something and I don't think there are any other options.... anyone know of anything else I could do? Nikki.
  7. Complaining is draining, but it's the only way to change things and eventually get what you are entitled to! JsMum is right though - creating the paper trail is so important, as I am learning. Good luck and keep fighting. Nikki.
  8. Sadly, I figured the responses would be along these lines....... How is it Social Services spend their time desperately trying NOT to provide services to families?! I guess I will just keep fighting the system. I'm nearly at the end of Stage 3 of the complaints procedure, then off to the local government ombudsman! Hopefully SS will agree to put help in place eventually, like when a court says they have to! I have been to so many multi agency meetings where every professional is happy to just past the problem to another department. It is infuriating and achieves absolutley nothing. :wallbash: Thank you for the replies - I am already very very grateful for the one night of overnight respite my middle son gets each week, but even that didn't stop my family breaking up. Thanks, Nikki.
  9. I am busy fighting Social Services at the moment and could even be classed as winning.... in some warped way, but that's another story. I was wondering what input other familes get - help? support? direct payment hours? And did you have to fight to get it all? Did you make a complaint? or even take legal action? I know I am being nosey, but I have no idea what to ask for, should that 64 million dollar question come up of "What do you want in the way of services?" Thanks, Nikki.
  10. My other half was diagnosed with AS a few years ago and it took him a while to get his head around the idea (and work through all the things in his head that had happened at school/university that now had a reason for being such a struggle!) We tried relate counselling a year or so after...sadly there wasn't one with a knowledge of AS anywhere near us, but I was desperate so we went anyway, but it was a struggle as the counsellor expected NT responses and my dp couldn't give them! In this family dp earns the money and I do everything everything else (deal with 3 autistic boys and all the education/social services fights, keep the house, bills, cars going etc.) He even told a whole multi-agency meeting 2 weeks ago that him going to work and earning money was about his limit of parental responsibility! He has learnt to try and comfort me when I am stressed (door slamming) or sad (sobbing) but if a hug doesn't fix everything, then chocolate will... Apologies that this is not a terribly positive reply, but I do wish you lots of luck with the psychologist. Nikki.
  11. That sounds fantastic!! :notworthy: I hope that all of this actually helps you and your son. Keep at it and that way if it all works I won't have to fight 'em in 12yrs time for adult services! Cos my current battle for children's services is horrendous.
  12. My ds (nearly 4) has recently started telling me I'm not listening, unless I am looking directly at him and making eye-contact (which makes a change from his deathly stares) but this is not good when I'm driving! So until I look at him, he happily repeats the same thing over and over.... Sadly, I don't have any useful suggestions how to help! Nikki.
  13. <'> <'> It's such mixed emotions when they finally show their difficult behaviours in other settings - but at least the "profeesionals" have now seen and can't just keep telling you he only does it at home! Oi, Smiley, young lady! What did I do to end up in the "odd, bit strange, but well meaning parents" club? Honestly.......
  14. I have no idea if any of this will help you, but it's the only way I survive some days! I have a couple of fantastic trained and qualified members of staff who have been involved with my 6yr old over the years, who if I am desperate will try to come and help me out with all 3 of my boys. One via Mencap/Portage and another via a local overnight respite care place - is there anywhere similar near you? Simply because they are CRB checked, usually know what the challenges are likely to be/how to deal with them and more importantly their working hours/shifts are different and they are more likely to be available for the morning school run. We also had something called SHIP here (School/Home Integration Project organised by the autism outreach worker) and a member of staff from my sons class was paid to come to our house in the morning and help get him to school - I don't know if this exists where you are, but it might do. I wish I could come up with something more definite! Nikki.
  15. I very rarely complain about things, mainly due to lack of time & energy, as well as the lack of confidence/assertiveness to do so. I did feel so strongly at the lack of a "service" from SS that I complained in writing.............. that was in Febraury and it's still going on with no end in sight! So what will actually be achieved by it, I dunno!
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