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  1. Just wanted to send you some <'> <'> . Hope we can catch up soon for a chat but I know things will be more difficult now so don't worry about it. Big hugs for J from all of us xx Take care hon xxx
  2. ASue67

    ME/Chronic Fatigue

    I have M.E. Not been offered any support and not had much success with diets or supplements. Only thing which did provide me with some help was Reiki but cost prevents me from having this on a regular enough basis to help. Feel free to PM to swop stories if you want to or you can email me. <'> <'>
  3. ASue67


    No advise I can offer hon, but just wanted to send you some <'> <'> <'> Catch up soon I promise (things mad here as usual!!!!) xxxxxxx
  4. ASue67

    'The Family'

    I'm addicted too!!!!!
  5. I am on my own with my 2 boys and it is really hard work so I can empathise with you xx <'> <'>
  6. Have a fab time! I love Edinburgh................... and haggis!!!! Enjoy
  7. I haven't had panic attacks but when I have forgotten my anti depressants for a day I know about it and I am very snappy and out of sorts (I am on sertraline 150mg). As soon as you get your prescription and take your next tab you should start to feel better again. Take care hon <'> <'>
  8. Ah thanks Karen, J is brill as well!!!! Am so glad they all got on ok. I am really suffering today with exhaustion and my back and legs are killing. Been in bed on and off most of the morning (apart from feeding the boys and checking they are ok!!). Am going back to bed again in a min cos I feel awful Pearl, will reply to your PM later...............!!!! My friends name who came with us is Gilly (GillianRoberts user name I think on here) She was sad she didn't get chance to say hi to Mumble and goodbye to the rest of you but am sure we will catch up again soon and she can talk to you all then!! Right off to bed while my boys are occupied for a bit.......... Think I need a new body!!!!
  9. Unfortunately it is still wet up in Preston Was great to meet up with everyone yesterday and I'm sorry we missed out on the wet walk around the walls but the kids were happier wandering round the museum and finding ways to spend our money!!!!! Am looking forward to our next meet already and hopefully the trains will behave and there will be lots of sunshine
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