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  1. Not a telling off, just a reminder, as the rules are not easy to spot. These kinds of topics can decend quickly. *edit* rules are now pinned in general disscussion.
  2. There's still time, i'm just the one of the first ones.
  3. Not that i know of... I shall get searching though. If i find a link i'll post it.
  4. Thankyou Jeanne! and i agree, i think you would be well suited as a moderator.
  5. http://medicalxpress.com/news/2012-01-bacteria-gut-autistic-children-non-autistic.html
  6. I think this year, there has been too many of them to list, so i thought of the funniest. I have a cat and dog food phobia as it happens, i cant even hold the can. That stuff just grosses me out no end.
  7. I actully am the same, espeshilly now later on in life. I always find that men feel the need to constantly compete with me. Theres too much ego with young men my age, they all think there tough guys, (put them in front of a real life issue, they would head for the hills) and that there gods gift to women. Note my signiture 'humility' that is something im working towards big time right now. If you can be a success in life, do well, and have people around you look up to you and admire you, while you being humble, you've cracked it in life. Only problem is your male peers will resent you for it.
  8. Grossing out darkshine, when i was posting while throwing up in my back garden. Hahahahahaha, classic!
  9. Women will always rule men. Men think there in charge, and women let us belive it, trust me, when we're playing mr big boss man, there laughing at us. Unforunatley, sexual equality will never work. Men and women are just not the same, However i digress, no one is better than the other. each play a vital role. And in that sence there is equality, but in terms of behaviors, and capibilty's, no.
  10. Everyone has some kind of dyslexia, People use the word 'learning difficulty' so often. If learning was easy, you wouldn't be learning would you? Theres no one i know that is good at everything. I can't sing, so i'm dyslexic at signing, same principal. Some people that are dyslexic in maths, are very good at english, and vice versa. Special talent, you are a very good campainer, and a very good talker. that's just were some of your talent's and strenghs lie. most of your talents and strenghs im sure your not even aware of. Spelling and grammer aint everything.
  11. Damn! i missed this one, good to see you again jeanne! How's glen?
  12. Amen! And thankyou very much, i really appriciate the positive reasponses. I enjoy talking with you all, and it's very humbling to recive the votes, and encouraging words.
  13. This is how i see myself, I'm the square peg, in the round hole. If everyone moves to the left, i move to the right. Others cling to groups, i walk alone. I laugh, you cry. I love things others don't understand. I express emotion, by showing no emotion. In other words, yes i'm the odd one out. And i love it.
  14. So, your a bagpipe, clarinet, guitar player? If you can multitask, you have it made. not many one man scottish/classical/rocker bands out there.
  15. Me. Learn as much as possble. Be as respectful as possible. Do what's best for my friend (the one im travelling with) Continue my 'Aspergers is an ability' mission, on the forums. Journey further into my faith. Get myslef a part time job, to work along side my youth work training. Survive india. Meet as many new people as humanly possible.
  16. Really? I've always found trekster to have some of the best spelling and grammer on here. Better than me anyway.
  17. Indeed! don't under estimate the power of chilli's and spices. cinnamon is another one that is a fantastic thermogenic.
  18. This has turned into a good topic, i agree with skim, and that also applies to other aspects of 'celeb' status. i.e made in chelsea, the only way is essex etc. true talentless nobody's, with no right to be on tv.
  19. LOL so sorry. btw my mother just confimed, you do indeed have to be statmented.
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