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  1. wondered if nyone could help me. Im at my wits end. Ive not been sleeping porperly for about 6 years or so, but for the last 2 havent slept at all unless i had sleeping pills. I decided not to take those any more but am back to not sleeping or only for 2 hrs a night. I bought a hypnotic sleep cd which just entertains me during the night lol. I wondered if anyone out there had or knew of anyone with this problem who found a solution, cos my patience is wearing thin. Im too tired to do anything and my kids get sick of hearing me say ive got a headache again. hoping as there are so many of you someone can help thanks in anticipation
  2. I have watched big brother and especialy eugene with growing interest. the bloke is fab, yesterday derek said to him do u think big brother put you in here to be laughed at, not in an unkind way. and eugene laughed and said yes. he fully realises his differences but they dont stop him having his say or doing what he wants in the house, hes fabulous and has more courage than all of them put together. specialy cry baby Craig - who is getting embarrassing round anthony now. If anthony has any sense at all he will run in the opposite direction when theyre all out cos craig will stalk him forever lol. While im having a rant, why does Makosi delight in screaming out whenever she finds out someone is doing a task - they always fail cos of her dosent she know theyre all missing out on a treat cos of her big mouth!!!!! anyhoo thats my rant over . Eugene to win!!!!!
  3. yep i would be very interested to read any replies to yr thread, as i have an inkling my husband has as. our son has it but to a greater degree, but i have often thought h has traits, but as you say, how do you tell someone you have suspicions about them without causing problems?
  4. aww poor soul. so many things to cope with. hope hes settled soon.
  5. aww sit down and have a choccy biscuit - what a day!
  6. wow poor you. my two fight but at least tom has his playstation and he goes in his room for a while to calm down a bit. hope u find a slution or youre gonna go grey!
  7. elaine1


    oh i love it, thanks for that link its brilliant!
  8. my son is 12 and still needs to be told which clothes to put on in the mornings. they are all laid out for him, but if i dont say put on your whatever he will forget. hopefully there will be someone to help yr son get dressed for swimming. good luck
  9. depends on how old he is. i let my son read freaks geeks and aspergers syndrome by Luke Jackson. He loved it as luke has AS himself and explains many things to the reader. my son was pleased to know he wasnt the only one with as and still refers to the book now some 2 years later. otherwise, just explain gently that all people are different and then explain what his differences mean and how other people might see them. mainly let him know hes not the only one, there are many ppl out there like him, and the world is a better place for them. good luck!
  10. oh my life, i know i heard him and i was incencesed??? lol. I think he's the half wit for crying every time anthony upsets him, and hes a stalker too, if i was ant id run as soon as i was let out of the house !!!
  11. yes, i am agreeeing with you now lol. My son cannot remember where he put his shoes even if he just took them off. also some mornings he will take off his pyjamas, then put them back on again instead of school trousers! and hes 12 lol
  12. my daughter backed her car into our fence this morning! then we were about to go shopping and i found id left my bag in our car, which was at work with my hubby, it has my cash and credit cards in it! were just waiting for no 3 to happen lol
  13. the action man comment is just begging for an answer but i know its a family forum lol. anyhow, my son has a bed full of cuddly toys, theyre everywhere. he takes either a set of star wars cards, a star wars mag or a figure out with him wherever he goes. he is 12. the times he has lost them are countless, but he feels a bit more secure with them i think, he still puts a mag in his school bag every morning. lol
  14. my son wore pull ups until he was 6 at night, but then he refused to wear them at all and we had wet beds for the next four years! he still has the occasional accident and hes 12. good luck!
  15. elaine1


    mines called tom and all of his friends who have problems seem to be called tom too lol. coincidence or not!
  16. were going to minehead for a week, yayy and oohh at the same time lol. were off to butlins, which tom adores cos it has an arcade version of star wars and he spends time and money there in equal quantities!!!. he also hates the fact that he has to share a room with his very noisy and music loving sister, big arguments. oh well suppose there have to be cons as well as pros. Ill buy you all a stick of rock
  17. ooh thanks ,anything will be welcome. weve worn this one out lol the veggies are revolting!
  18. yes, its unlikely it will happen again in the same place. they know ppl are watching like hawks now.
  19. got a call from school to say tom had stomache ache and headache could i collect him. Turns out he couldnt breathe properly, thought it was hayfever, but he said he was scared about the bombings,he said i havent breathed properly since the bombings. what do u say?
  20. oh fantastic, tom had an experience like that a barber actually did cut his ear, but this one is brilliant he lets him choose his haricut and weather he wants clippers or not!
  21. nope, quite the opposite! mine loves the pound coins he gets with the loss of a tooth lol. hes 12 and has just lost two in the same week, think theyre the last of the baby ones though!
  22. wow hope hes okay. why cant workmen do their job properly?
  23. know what you mean, sometimes you just want a 'normal' life whatever that is!
  24. wow what a pre holiday time u have! were off on monday but only to minehead, tom couldnt get on a plane if his life depended on it. good luck!
  25. wow that is a very mature thing for yr daughter to do, good luck with it.
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