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  1. as funerals go it went really well. Tom wasnt fazed out by it at all and stayed in church even when i cried for england. Dad got loads of flowers and lots of ppl turned out, there were some great happy speeches too. The sun shone, all u cd ask really i suppose. He is at rest now, I just hope theres a snooker table up there or he will be asking for a transfer! <'>
  2. great - my son used to get invited to partys to make up the numbers i think, he hated them though, but i think its great for them to be just invited like u say, its a positive wether they go or not.
  3. <'> bless his heart, hope he dosent get too stressed tomorrow though
  4. thats the trouble isnt it, i would love to move but at the mo we cant. good luck
  5. mmm sounds like a miracle.
  6. <'> same here! exactly the same actually. Niether of my kids will go on a bus, i dont drive, my hubby has tthe car for work so were stuck in the house ona piddling rainy cold day with two bored kids. My sons playstation has chosen this week to pack up, hurrah!!! not!
  7. elaine1

    Brain Gym

    <'> to tell the truth ive never heard of it.
  8. sounds feasible to me, wonder if u cd google it and come up with something?
  9. <'> AWW BLESS HIM my sontom who's 12, wants to turn the pans down on the stove when theyre boiling. I stand near him when he does it and hes ok so far.......so good! lol
  11. Im so mad i could cry. Tom had trouble last year with this little thug at the school kicking bottles at him etc. The school warned him and we thought it was over. apparently not, this little swine has twisted both Toms and his freinds nipples round and bruised under his chest. Of course tom being tom didnt show me till yesterday but there was still enough of a bruise there to take a pic of, Im goin get him when they go back to school you watch me. If nothing is done im bringing the police in and charging him with assault hes 12 so hopefully he wont wriggle out of it. Thing is, he knows my son has AS so i think i can charge him with premeditated assault, toms freind is quiet too and this lad knows they wont hit back. watch this space cos this aint over
  12. <'> my god i saw this this morning, foul isnt it. Im sure they think cause our kids have statements theyre quite happy to be taught anywhere and should be pleased theyre even allowed in'normal' school. It makes me weep.
  13. oh fabulous, i bet he loves it too <'> . better than mcdonalds eh lol
  14. my dd and grandson both get these when theyre ill. think its cause kids temps go up so rapidly and they cant control them so well.
  15. know how u feel, Toms SEN has left recently, she has been at the school for 10 years and has dealt with quite a few AS kids in her time. Tom really got on well with her. she was no-nonsence and got the point over without using loads if instructions. The new one however has never dealt with AS before and talks to Tom as if hes 4 not 13. we will see how it goes
  16. elaine1

    Big expedition

    <'> oh i just read yr post bout the trip, oh lord not the best day, but ive had those myself. I think public transport and AS kids just dont mix, mind you I hate it myself you have to put up with rude smelly people, and these days there are some downright scary people on ther too.
  17. elaine1

    Big expedition

    <'> wow good luck Tom wont set foot on a bus, in case he has to sit next to a stranger, or someone speaks to him which is even worse!
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    <'> I do save a bit, but i spend like a woman with no arms as my mom used to say - what the heck does that mean?. so im no help am I lol
  19. oh yep, i know that one, its the highlight of my week let alone my day lol. sad isnt it?
  20. <'> yayy at last a positive parents evening, everyone knew who they were talking about - a first!. Tom has some great marks in his tests the lowest being 3c, he has done remarkably well in French, showing talent the teacher said, he even speaks up in class - another first!. He needs to organsie his work a bit better its looks like a train wreck in his maths book, but he is coping and keeping his head above water. Im so proud, it must have taken a herculian? effort from him. The only thing is he has been late for afternoon reg 12 times so far this year - he plays football at luchtime forgets the time, then has to go and collect his bag from a room and then get to this classroom. But hey ho there could be worse things. One comment made me laugh, after all this effort and preening, the head said, tom wears correct uniform alothough he needs to make sure his shirt is tucked in and his tie is the correct length - ###### fool!
  21. oh lovely, hope it all turns out well for all of them <'>
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    not heard of that, but hope u get an answer to it. good luck
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