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  1. Kathryn, 2 or 3 families stay together in a house for a week fitted all over with cameras where Dr Tanya can observe them interacting together etc. she then tries to target the specific problems each family are having and is usually pretty good at spotting 'triggers' etc. Good luck Viper !
  2. Hi Ian, My daughter is nearly 4 and has a great deal of visual perception problems I'm certain. Is she too young to do any sort of testing for this ? Have you any idea if anything is in the pipeline for a clinic in Scotland ? Thanks for your time.
  3. I was never able to work out the lyrics of ' The Israelites' and sang words which I now realise were absolutely nothing like correct eg, " Man she said I was yards too greasy, oooh ooooh the Israelites " I can sleep easy tonight !
  4. Hi Tez, You could try Tesco Hi-Juice or Roc's Organic Squashes as I'm sure none contain aspartame.
  5. Welcome Tina & Dave - you'll find a lot of help and support here.
  6. First single bought : Daddy's Home by Cliff Richard. Rock On ! I gave it to my mum as a birthday gift and also neatly wrote out the words to ', I Love You Just The Way You Are' by Billy Joel. wrapped the piece of paper in a blue ribbon and folded it up into an empty After Eight wrapper. What a lucky lady she was that day !!
  7. - Sunshine On Leith -- the Proclaimers (cry) Cuddly toy--Roachford (dance) Kayleigh --Marillion ( memories ) Whole of the Moon -- Waterboys ( fave ) In the Mood for Dancing -- Nolans ( cringe )
  8. That's brilliant news Gordie. I took 3 attempts to pass my test - I was with my instructor for so long she stopped charging !!!
  9. Kathryn <'> This thread has made me a bit weepy because I thought I was the only crabby ratbag who felt like this !!
  10. I am NT ( I think! ) but can recall 'memories' in great detail because when I think about a situation I replay how it happened like watching a film in my head. My husband says this doesn't happen when he thinks of past situations but I'm not sure how typical this kind or recall is.
  11. big mamma

    We are back....

    Well done both for being so brave <'>
  12. Her head doesn't seem oddly shaped but it is rock solid - nearly knocked me out once with a head butt !
  13. Yes, my daughter has a large forehead and head. Her head doesn't look out of proportion but she wears hats for 7/8 years old and she's only 3 ! Must be all those brains...
  14. Hi Lindy-Lou My ASD daughter had very bad molloscum for about 14 months - it regularly became infected and was a complete nightmare in summer. After 2 visits to homepath to boost her immune system they disappeared almost overnight - worth a go if all else fails !
  15. Jaded, Your help and advice has been greatly appreciated by me - don't stay away too long - or baddad will be the poor sod who gets bombarded with gf/cf questions !! <'>
  16. hello Poppit, Sorry I can't do links or anything but if your type - Autism Research Unit - Sunderland into your search engine then their website should come up and give you all the details you need. If anyone else is reading this who can do links perhaps you'll be kind enough to do the needful !
  17. Jules, Have no IT savvy whatsoever I'm afraid. I emailed The Research Unit at Sunderland and they sent me out the necessary.
  18. Hi there, You would have to get the urine test done first before starting dietary intervention as otherwise the results may be affected. I had the test done and it said that my daughter didn't seem to have a problem with casein but she did with gluten. However I first of all removed all milk products from her diet and within 3 days her chronic constipation was gone and her distended stomach started to 'deflate'. If your daughter is constantly on antibiotics I would imagine that her gut flora would be not in a very good state and you may wish to give her a dairy free pro-biotic to ehlip - Biocare do some good ones. A great book to start is ' Dietary Intervention and Autism' by Marilyn Le Breton. It gives clear explanations and quite a few recipes- you can order it from Amazon. Good Luck.
  19. Hi Reuby, No - they send you out a kit and you send back a urine sample for analysis.
  20. Hang in there Suz. My daughter has terrible night terrors - she seems awake but doesn't recognise me and is very aggressive, lashing out and screaming etc. I find it really scary and can't do anything but try and stay calm until it passes - I think it is all down to anxiety.
  21. If you decide to hire a car ( I would ! ) then keep the receipt and claim it back it from the Third Party Insurers along with your excess amount - this is your uninsured losses that you are entitled to recover from any negligent parties. They should at least pay for the hire of the car until you are in receipt of your settlement cheque from your own Insurers. Just makes life a bit easier as well - just don't hire a vehicle that is of a greater specification than your own ie best not bother with the Ferrari for now ! good luck <'>
  22. Hi Das, Would have to say that every female I know ( including myself ) gets a bit tense, moody and emotional on the lead up to a period. It's one of the joys of being a woman !! Seriously though any anxieties your girlfriend may have will be greatly exagerrated around that time I would have thought.
  23. Hi there, You can buy ready prepared bread although it's only tasty when toasted really from Free From range in Tesco, Sainsbury's etc - I am using Dietary Specials MultiGrain. If you type gluten free / casein free foods into your search engine it show throw up quite a lot of specialist suppliers where you can purchase stuff over the internet. I have found a very good site for treats and sweets at Dietary Needs Direct. Hopefully someone else will come along with more info as I have just started on this route and am still an apprentice !!
  24. Thanks for that - I'm still at the stage of waking up and thinking " Please let her eat something like proper food today ". Very determined though because the night sweats have gone as has constipation so lots of good things already. Take care
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