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  1. Hi everyone, I don't know if you will remember me,but, I used to be on here quite a lot. I left the board a year (or more) ago as I felt things had moved on for me. Things are still good and my son K, - dx at 13 with AS, dyspraxia and other co-morbids, who went through hell through his teenage years in school,( I had to take him out for 6 months at 14 and he left with no exams at 16, we got him onto a course for people with disabilities) - continues to do well. He is now a fine young man,(19 after xmas!). He is in college studying computer science and doing very well. He has friends and a social life both in and out of college. We never thought we would see this day This board was such a help to me then and thinking back over the last few years and realising how far we have come, I just wanted to pop on and say...Thankyou to all who helped me then. I am sure some of you may still be around. To all who are going through a bad time, there is light at the end of the tunnel. May you all have happy times this holiday season and may the new year bring joy and hope to all . Take care, Theresa
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    Hi everyone, I found this board in 2004 when my son now 17 was first dx. The board and the many people who were on here back then helped me get through some tough times. Life has moved on a lot and changed for my son and for me. Back then he was a mixed up teen who didn't know what/where to turn to after dx. We battled for support and battled with each other too! He is now a polite, handsome, independant lad who had to opt out of school because of lack of support but who managed to get a course in a college for people with special needs and is doing very well. He hopes to go on to 3rd level and do a degree next year. He has a small group of new friends who share his interests and he sees them now and again, he likes his own company too. I would never have believed 4 years ago that he would come this far. I am so grateful to everyone here who helped us along. I stayed popping in now and again,but, I now feel it is time to move on as life has moved us on, so I have asked for my account to be closed. Thankyou so much to everyone who was there for me in the past and I hope I was there for some people also. Words cannot express how much this place helped me when there was nowhere else to turn . Our story is by no means over,who knows what challenges lay ahead,but my son and I will meet them together now and I will be behind him helping him instead of out in front fighting through. Best of luck to everyone out there, Take care of yourselves. Theresa xx <'>
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    Don't be on much here now,but you helped me along back in the day! K is all grown up now too..time has passed so quickly and I have been through so much,you were there with advice when things were bad. Hope you get to read this. Thankyou so much and best of luck. Theresa x
  4. Uggggh yuk! why when something says don't do I fell the need to do.
  5. Lucas said...I drink quickly in case the taste and texture changes. My son drinks very quickly and seems to throw the drink into his mouth from the glass rather than through his lips,either that or he uses a straw. He can drink a whole glass in seconds without seeming to pause for breath!
  6. It always seems to me that people with AS are disabled when it suits the system and not disabled enough when it doesn't...thats always been the case when my son wanted or needed anything so far.
  7. How rude and how childish..I would have been furious with that man!
  8. Thats a terrible thing to happen..hope they realise how wrong they were in their dealing with this.
  9. Hi, don't be around much myself these days, glad all is well with you.
  10. Try not too worry too much...hope you are feeling better about things and your daughter is feeling better too.
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    Sorry you are going,I am just back after a long absence when I felt I had to leave last year...Take care.
  12. Glad it went well for steve....sometimes I think K likes everyone better than me <'>
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