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  1. i would put it in writing to the school and ask for copies of his school file under freedom of information act..or get in touch with the ed. psych and ask them to ask for copies ...
  2. hi i have had a look at the ofsted report but i cant find anything about SEN practise...and the report is quite old 2005 so they are due for another one soon...i do know that the previous SEN said there was nothin wrong with my son's speech and after a full language test was found that he was behind by over 4 years...from this year there is a new SEN...but to be honest i dont think that there is anyone in the school who has an idea about ASD's...because when i try to explain anything they look at me like i have two heads!!!
  3. hi, i have just received my written statement from dla confirming why ds was refused dla for a 2nd time and now i am going for an appeal...one of the main reasons that he was refused is simply that school said that when he goes on school trips he has road safety awareness and that in normal school day he has no more supervision than anyone else... he has only been on one school trip last year...probably a good day...how can that equate to him being road safe for the other 364 days... as far as the supervision in school i have already sent dla a copy of two lots of minutes taken from school meetings i have had with multi-agencies where it confirms that he has extra supervision during playtimes and lunchtimes.... dla have no mentioned or taken into account ds's anxieties within the home...the routines...his communication difficulties etc....ds is multi-dx'd with hfa/add and expressive and receptive language delay...he is due to be assessed by ed.psych on 11th march.. can anyone give me some advice because i think im going to lose this battle unless i get some ideas.... i dont know what else i can do to prove to dla that what the school have said is distortion and that i am telling the truth...
  4. paulathomson


    i had my ds on concerta aswell for about 3 months but i had him taken off it because it made him ''hysterical''..he would be absolutely petrified of the slightest thing...things that he would not normally be afraid of. and you could literally smell the fear coming from him...he was on it as dx'd with asd/add.. so for the add...but i found it also made his obesseions worse and just generally his behaviour was worse...even though his concentration was great.. i now refuse to give him any meds for add...just manage with omega 3... and his anxieites are not as bad...
  5. when i asked for a review it was because my ds' school made out that there was nothing wrong with him...said he has no behavioural problems, has road sense and his communication is average..they also said he haas no additional supervision at school.. the extra docs i sent were from the school meeting minutes in which it states the extra supervison they give him..stategies to help his communication and writing. plus isent letter from the education dept confirming his 1-2-1 social skills at school and behaviour worker coming to my home to do social stories... when i first sent in the dla claim i sent all copies of all speech and lang reports.. reports from the consultant who diagnosed etc etc... plus now he is being assessd by ed. pysh too....
  6. hi all, after my son was refused dla the first time i asked for a review. i told the dla i have more documents that may help and they said that i would have time to get them in before another decision was made. this was in dec. i got a decision saying that he had been turned down again but gave no reasons as to why. i decided not to pursue it any further until last week when i spoke to the barkshire autistic society. i have since asked dla for an appeal and they have sent me the forms and i have sent them back. anyway..i phoned citizens advice who are going to help with the appeal but asked me to get a written statement from dla why he was refused a second time. so yesterday i phoned up and dla are going to do this for me but the lady also told me that some new documents have come in in jan and the decision maker is looking at them... these are nothing to do with the appeal. she thinks that maybe a reveiw was made without my new supporting documents being looked at... so im hoping that all will work out....if not then i still have the appeal to go through...which i am very nervous about....anyone else been to appeal...? many thanks paula
  7. well after all that waiting dla sent me a letter saying that i cant get dla for my ds and its baecause the school report said that he has no behavioural difficulties , can dress himslef, can follow instructions adn has road sense... how would the school know about his road sense? i have phoned up and got the explanation and have immediately asked for a review...i am not surprised by what the school have said in the slightest..i requesteda copy of the report from school... funny enough i attended a meeting this morning at school with salt and they have seen my ds and said his langauge difficulties are complex and they cant help until they have new speech and lang assessment - last one only 6 months ago- and they have asked for ds to be assessed by ed. pysch too.. i i am so cheesed off at the school and dla...i sent documents to dla confirming that the school do think my son has behavioural difficulties because they have him under behaviour support team and he sees a lady once a wekk for 1-2-1 social skills. plus also his school report states that 1/2 times a week he refuses to work.... what happens now? do dla ask school for another report... they didnt even get in touch with the person i put down on the form to contact which was his consultant...a person who recognised his difficulties and not the school who have no idea what it is like to care for a child with asd...
  8. if you go to the army website..and look under careers there is a section that says which disabilities prevent a person from joining...AS is not one of them...maybe this is a technicality that your mp can use...
  9. i would have thought that this goes against disability discrimination act....dont think its entirely legal...there are plenty of jobs within the armed forces that are as routine as a civilian job...i think that maybe going on operational tour might pose a problem for someone with AS...but that is only a might..not everyone is the same. personally i think that the structure of the armed forces might be an ideal situation for someone with AS..everyone knows what they are ment to be doing and when... i think you did the right thing involving your mp...is there any reason why you have to disclose you have AS? my hubbie got refused entry to army 3 times..in the end he lied and got in and has been in ever since...he gets fantastic bi-annual progress reports...so whoever refuse him in the beginning was not justified in doing this as he has provedto be an excellent soldier...
  10. i had this too and went on two parenting courses... my advice is to ask to see a different consultant...
  11. im originally from up north.. but now im in camberley surrey...travel about because we are military..
  12. ooh i love putting the tree up and the bit i hate is taking it down because the room looks bare withour it...i love it in the evening when its all lit up and sparkly i dont put it up though until about 12 days before xmas but i have just ordered a christmas hits cd so that me and the kids can get singing for the whole of dec
  13. i am currently off work sick with panic attacks and they are a horrible horrible thing. i have had panic attacks for 14/15 years and have learned to cope with them. but i am also waiting for a referral to see cpn to get cbt. i think some of my panic attacks start with sensory difficulties- noise, and sight- am this is one reason why i am asking for adult as assessment because i think that they are linked in some way..
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