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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry I forgot to ask, does anyone recomend that I still write to the LEA about my concerns as well as the school informing them about the emergancy review? or should I leave it too the school? tizz. p.s I got A to write his own statement about school this morning and it makes very, very sad reading. I don't know if it will help, but I going to take copies of it too the meeting.
  2. Hi Guys, Well the letter arrived this morning to inform me that a "combined pastoral support meeting and an emergency annual review" is going to take place next week. This is probably going to sound like I'm completely dumb, but I'm not sure about how this works...is anyone able to shed some light on it for me? ok, so we have the meeting, then what??????????? does that mean that the suggestion of A going to a special needs school is recomended to the LEA and then they decide if they will carry it out or not as the case maybe???? Because if everyone is saying that he shouldn't be in mainstream school, how can the LEA not provide A with a special needs placement???? And who the hell do all the multi-proffessional team work for?????????? people at the meeting will include: Behaviour support, Educational Psychologist, recent Dr report and outreach teacher from austic school? because if they work for the LEA, who the hell sits on the panel that does decide??????????? totally confussed, tizz
  3. ohh bless we had to change hairdressers after my son, told the last one that she looked awful!!!! tizz
  4. Current NAS member, but as I've never asked for support, I can't say either way!... Oh hang on a minute, I've just remembered, I did ask about attending one of there, you've just been dx sessions and never heard anything! tizz
  5. Hope Henry is back walking with the living soon...bless
  6. Hi Jenny, My daughter is 5 with no dx, but our 9 year old son has AS and statemented. Our daughter shows many traits of AS, but is coping so well, we are not going to push for a dx at present. Well what I was going to say was. Our daughter was totally transfixed with one boy for the whole of last year to the total exculsion of others!... The boy is small for his age and very quiet(just like her!). She spent all her time talking about him, writing to him and asking him round to play! Although, I don't think it caused any harm, my husband and I decided that we really ought to widen her group of friends to above 1... This year, we began to invite other children round to play, we started with one girl. Our daughter was not that impressed...but we kept it up and low and behold its working, she will now play and look forward to seeing and playing with the girl. We also had a halloween party, so she had to invite other children. she still wants to mainly play with the particular little boy, but at least she's got others to talk and play with now. Although, I don't mind her only wanting to play with one person, I feel that later on this could lead to her being isolated from the whole peer group,and that by widening her group of friends, this shouldn't happen! I think, if you want to widen her group of friends, you are going to have to be active in bringing it about! Regards, tizz
  7. Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice.... A went back to school, only to get excluded again...this time for 2 weeks..ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhh The head has called for an emergancy review, I'm not yet aware if thats been sucessful? I'm sure I will hear soon. Thanks for the advice mossgrove...I've got a few prospective's back and we are off to visit the first one next week! The only problem I feel now, is that the two most appropriate schools are so far away! We went to see the doctor, who is going to write and express her thoughts about A going to a special school and is also going to re-refere A back to the consultant, as she said her voice has more clout with the LEA! For now at least, A, is happily sitting in his bedroom in his underpants not wanting to ever go back to school! ranting over....tizz
  8. Hi Guys, I've just started using Epsom Salts in A's bath and I was wondering if any of you have had any luck with it, in helping them get off to sleep? I've only used it once, as I don't want to use it all the time - as I'm not sure how often you should add it to the bath? I actually bought it a month or so ago, but put off using it. A did actually go off to sleep that night, and slept through, which is amazing! but as he has been up so much on previous nights, I'm not sure if it was the salts that helped or if it was just shere tiredness! Any idea's or knowledge welcome! regards, tizz
  9. Hi Puffin, A is nine- We've talked to him several times about friends and if he would like some... and the answer has always been mixed. sometimes he seems desperate to have friends ( especially as his older brothers - non AS- have loads!) and at other times he just says - he's doesn't mind!. His first experience of having a friend in year one, went awfully wrong, with the parents demanding that A is kept away from their child! it resulted in us taking A out of school and homeschooling for a couple of years. He's been back in school since year 3 ( he's now in year 5) and has just got his frist (well i suppose you could say second) friend. A is very happy to have his new friend, but as I watch them, I can see that A is not making any eye contact and the interaction is limited, so I guess I will just have to wait and see if it does develop. Regards, tizz
  10. thanks you two! Just wanted to add ( thought Puffin might be intrested) that when I asked A why he wouldn't do what was asked of him, he replied... " I don't know them mum...so that means there strangers...so i musn't do what they say!" Makes sense to him... oh, I supose one day I'll laugh about this!
  11. Hi Guys, Sorry I've not been around for a few weeks, things just seem to go from bad to worse! A started the term with his first statement in place - a whole 20 hours of support + all the other bits, which I thought was going to be great! Ha Ha Ha, how wrong can someone be! He has already been excluded! for a whole week. It was for not being under the control of any adult! he just wouldn't do what anyone asked...and then someone touched him, so off he went into melt down and I was called to collect him. He is now sitting happily in his bedroom in his underpants ( clothes off - he thinks its heaven) and the SENCO told me that she has been ringing round everyone concerned as they just can't cope with him and he shouldn't be in mainstream.... What I wanted to know is...if they decide he has to go to a special needs school, will he continue at his mainstream school till a place is found, or we he stay at home with me? Sorry for the poor little me posting. Regards to all, tizz p.s its not all bad news... he has a friend!
  12. Hi Nikrix Welcome to the forum! there's some wonderful people on here with some great idea's and best of all great listening skills! <'> I've not been around for a few weeks, but I'm back now, so hope to catch up with you around the boards. ttfn, tizz
  13. Hi Hev, I know how hard it is to watch as our children go on year after year without having any friends... But i just wanted to say, you never know whats round the corner...after one friendship that ended just awfully...4 years later and A has a friend!!! Its only at its beginings, but hey thats a start! So I just wanted to say, never give up thinking it can't happen Regards, tizz
  14. Hi Flutter, Glad to see you back posting on the forum I hope you all have a wonderfully stress free summer holiday, it sounds like you need a rest and that the GP meeting provides you will something concrete to go on. tizz
  15. This really is an excellent idea - I'm going to add ICE contacts to my mobile and my husbands and the kids!
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