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  1. since my youngest was born we have never been taken serious that he was never meeting his milestones and now age 5 guess what they do admit his consulatnt he as needs support but yet again they fail no assesment no nothing iam sick to death of fighting the system why is it so hard he has enough evidence he his struggling hes even been assaulted and the police are currently involved but thats not enough for his consultant i have now accepted the proffesional are full of ###### and lie, i have accepted my life will always be 24hrs and ignorance towrds my son is always going to be there and we has a family have to struggle to survive the meltdowns , smashing, bashing and exclusions from school and my dd as to learn to cope with the bullying from the kids that my son naffs off hazexx
  2. Hi i have been away for while my youngest yet again last friday was excluded for the fourth time since october 2011 he his in reception and the school are crafty they say hes sick to avoid ofsted but hes not when we collect him hes in the office eating. His consulatnt on his last appointment a few weeks ago agreeded to help and sort out what is going on she said adhd but thinks he has autisim and aspergers so yet agian were waiting while we mop up the mess school are cluless and refuse to start a referral and just boot him out . I am so mad and sick of it the education will blame us not the school so the next time hes excluded were refusing to send him back or better still collect him. hazexx
  3. as warrior sorry to hear of your loss we to have only just laid our mum to rest four weeks and now we have no grandparents which is hard work no break for us my eldest is coping well but my youngest is still so angry he his huge confused so i have deicded with the doc to get a a person involved who helps children with autisim understand death it is good to hear you are dealing with in a positive way hazex
  4. my little one is five and a bit and we have a toilet issue he hates the smell and refuses to clean himself and wont go at school how to do get round this problem the school nurse suggested ignore great are you going to fix the walls after hes thrown everything at them to get our attention hazexx
  5. Hello to all i have only just got our diagnosis for aaron adhd and aspies and in reception we did tell his consultant who was horrified she was so angry and agreeded the school my son attends was discriminating him by excluding him twice when if they had placed the right care he would of not headbutted the child in question and on the second time threw a book at the teacher. We have also requested a letter like yourselves and they are still doing this. When he was excluded the first time they said he was sick only now that his consultant spoke to school they actually excluded him so now ofsted are investigating the school. Here is what our camhs said a school is only discrimating a child when there is a medical diagnosed condition and the care they recieve for this is being neglected for example if they dont show aaron change in classroom to stop him getting distressed and just do it and then exclued him when he has a meltdown and becomes aggresive they have discrimated him because they know change effects his disability. Hazexx
  6. I did watch this programme with my hubby and were in tears we have just had our son diagnosed adhd and aspies and probably dyslexia and we were horrified at the way the staff floored joey in school if that was my son doing this action would of sent him into further distress and a severe meltdown i understand no one wants to be hit but surely not this way and im sorry but i wanted to smack his parents there is always a way im sorry but it was clear communication was missing and to again floor him sit on him and then pour water down his throat was surely dangerous OMG im now so worried is this how staff restrain a austistic child if so then the first teacher or person to do this to my son i will personally charge with assault truly shocking this did not show autisim in a good way. Autisim is bad with the meltdowns but there is many good points and laughter and i think a programme needs to show the bad and the GOOD hazexx
  7. I have thread called " I GIVE IN " so today we had our sons Aaron app rushed through due to his difficulties heres what happeneds A full apology for failing to support and diagnose going into school on monday next week to do a full assesment and to reinstate his IEPS and start a action plan and will also see to his older sister who is suffering bullying as a result of his behaviour and will educate the staff in autisim training diagnosed adhd and aspies but will do full assesment for his records and his finding support groups and play centers for us to meet other families and to relax getting support for us at home so we all can manage him when we have visitors and sleepovers regular 4 month checks no cancelling helping us with any adaptions needed at home as he keeps locking himself in rooms and disability forms which i would like to note right now it is the last thing im bothered about we currently have a open police case open due to him being assaulted by the neighbours kiddies so she read the letter and is meeting with the family when we go to mediation to explain why he behaves in such a fashion and beating him is not an option Even more shocking we used to attend church but stopped due to aaron singing beautifull full belt and slapping so my dd was on the verge of losing her high school place next year it is were family go and she was heart broken we tried going without him but he would go into meltdown if one of us left so the consultant in front of us notified the education of the situation and now they have agreeded my dd will still qualify for a place i cant wait to tell her writing this iam still in shock 5yrs of hell and a huge weight as been lifted our little man ( SON ) finally he his getting the care he need's and support we can start to move forward Hazexxx
  8. I have a 5yr old and we are still learning about aspies and we have just relised nows hes older the meltdowns and demands get worse and object throwing he getting worse. I met and still am some fab friends on here and have got me through tough times but i to im struggling with school runs he will do anything to be there on time and if meltdown starts well duck he will chuck anything to stop us from taking him. We have refused to give in and are now showing him pictures of how we feel when has smashed trashed and bashed someone or something and it seems to be working fingers cross, what scares us how it could be when he gets to puberty hazexx
  9. Hi to all my daughter is my angel without her at school he would not attend full stop we currently have the police involved as he was beaten up yes beaten even the police were stunned by neighbours kiddies and there auntie is the school liason officer and when i politely refused for her to be involved to protect aaron from the kiddies getting at him in school all hell broke out the head said we were being difficult despite the police saying a family member could be a risk and protect their own family if a fight broke out in school. When they asked my dd the head interveiwed her in a room on his own my hubby flipped and kindly reminded him the risk he was placing himself in. He refused to listen to her and said in school they have to protect the staff so i replied what does that mean dragging and grabbing and yelling. The school have been reported in the past by other parents for the way in which staff deal with discipline if i had know this at the start i would gone else were. I love my son to bits and have polited asked his teacher often not to be so rude and forcefull when dealing with aaron as will result in a meltdown even i would get annoyed with her. His teacher has said he needs a firm hand and i replied explain and be carefull how you speak well if he at risk or others then he needs to move and yes we get hold of him this is why i know have some friends watch him as dont trust the school. ill keep you updated Hazexx
  10. OMG sesley you are so right i never thought of it like that and now thinking that i can see him in whole new light so ill keep you updated as for his new school it is 2yr waiting list but as we have the police involved after he got a beating of the kiddies next door we should skip that i pray, He his sleeping at the mo we have learned the tele at bedtime is the way to relax him. He his years ahead in maths but not literacy but we teach him total opposite to school he knows what his coming next we allow him to break and we know his triggers they dont and wont allow us to teach hence the move. Hazexx
  11. Hi Sally Before aaron went to mainstream he did have ieps as they recognised he struggled socialy and emotionaly and was doing well now in reception mainstream it as gone down hill i stand there some days and look at him and think what the hell have been beemed up. He his most defiant not handling school we think it is because there always changing the class around and he hates change and is being forced to sit and learn and again hates it we never dothis at home hence the clash. When he his at home we allow learning time then break then learning , when it comes to play with others we show him share and show by visual cues how upset people get if he thumps them or wrecks the whole game. The school clearly have no idea what so ever about autisim it is ok saying im a teacher but autisim is different they see evrything different hence learn different and the teacher needs to operate two systems one for the class and the autistis child. We are in the process of applying for a place at main stream school that as a inclusive disability eduaction programe so able bodied and disabled children learn side by side learning of one another. Hazexx
  12. My youngster aaron is 5 and in his own fashion lets you know how is day as been and recently he disclosed if he doesnt stay still then his favourite toy is removed but he can still see it but not get it and his placed in a corner between a cupboard and a wall looking to the wall as punishment. I knew my instict said he wasn't happy so iam now going to address this with the head and also ask him why he his often grabbed witnessed by his sister and friends she was so upset she was screaming in school to get to him to hug him role on mondayxx HAZEXX
  13. Hello all we have been away recharge thank you for replying it is great to know im not alone to AS Warrior thank you you made relise he has only his mum and dad and we have to dig deep and carry on to jeannea we have been offered ritalyin but i refused i love my sons personality he his when not in fire mode truly cute and so intelligent the words he splurts out are outstanding.To cmuir and all please i ask you not to stop replying for what im going to say because as i mum of two i knew my youngest was different something just wasn't right i knew and because i pesterd the g.p the social services got involved and silenced me they said until the consultant says there is a diagnosis then no parent can assume there child is medical different. All allegations were dropped and no apologie given but it as left me espeacilly scared iam scared to death to ask for help hence why iam so tired he as got an appointment coming up as he got a slap off the neighbours kiddies police are involved so i cant say much. So we shall see if his consultant still thinks hes a youngester like any other. He gets into trouble bless due to mis reading social and emotional cues. Aaron my youngest is back at school this week and all over the place for us were used to it for others they look at us and run hazexx
  14. Thank you for replying after me and the hubby read your replys we went and got info on aspergers and he admitted yep i do fit the apsies traits but here is what i then got thinking if there is a faulty gene in us could the same rule apply like epilepsy for example, in my family we all have epilepsy and those who have not got it know that if they get severe virus , allergic reaction and head trauma of any kind then epilepsy will occur.This was the case in five of my family members they only developed epilepsy after a virus and injections and a stroke. So do me and the hubby carry a faulty gene that when such a event like mmr jabs and then a reaction or a bad virus or injury does this trigger the gene to wake and effect the development of the brain hence like my son he doesn't meet milestones he sturggles emotional and socially due to the brain development or the faulty gene im really interested. Here is something also we noticed we thank you all so much my dd as always struggled with friends and eating and routine slightly hates social situations and is under a consultant for it and i to think maybe i have a trait of apsies as i have ocd when it comes to routine, don't like some food if to runny and i hated school. HAZEXX
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