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  1. I think it would depend on age and if I could monitor it. DS is almost 9 so at the moment the answer would be no. If he was a bit older I would let him use one to chat to known friends and only under supervision. Joanne xxx
  2. ((((((hugs m22b)))))) I haven't any experience of this as J is an only child, but I didn't want to read and lurk......... I am sure a more knowledgeable person will be here to give loads of advice........ I can only empathise how difficult it must be for you, and I know how hard it is not to question every movement and quirk. Good Luck M22B Joanne xxxx
  3. When J was 3 he locked me out of the house whilst he was still inside!!!!!! My bin collection was out the front and I was taking bin liners to the end of the path when a huge bang came from behind me and he had slammed the door closed............ Luckily a neighbour saw me and rang J's dad, who only worked 20mins away, I had to sing songs through the letterbox to keep J calm............ needless to say I always put out rubbish with house keys in my pocket now. Joanne xxx
  4. First (((((((((massive hugs))))))))))) TM. Poor you, I can totally empathise with you on the way our children are persieved by others, and you are caught in between the need to sooth your child and the deep down feeling that you should justify the behaviour to every peering pair of eyes. Hope T is feeling better now. Joanne xxx
  5. I agree with the above...... I definately wouldn't put J in a t-shirt like that..... Joanne xxx
  6. OMG Jools (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))), his teacher sounds a nasty cow....... poor G, how can you punish negative behaviour BEFORE it has happened??? Joanne xxx
  7. I too would contact them, how are ignorant people to learn if they are never made aware of their mistakes? As for the question on whether your being fair or not I think if your son didn't enjoy last year then it would be pointless putting him through it all again. It would have been different if he was enjoying it all. Joanne xxx
  8. Probably all 3........ god what a combination ((((hugs))))) Chocolate Chip Muffins if you have any Sorry to hear about your friend too xxx Joanne xxxx
  9. Mummy21


    I feel an echo in my post but here goes....... there is NO WAY this book is suitable, and I am sitting here open mouthed that the teacher thinks this is suitable material for a child. Definately hand it back to the head. Joanne xxx
  10. I am just the same swear I will not let it run my life and 2 days into it find myself making a bed on the sofa with a coffee and some cookies watching complete strangers sleeping LOL 9 days and counting ........... Oh and luurrvvee Dermot mmmmmm!! Joanne xxx
  11. This is all so bl**dy frustrating, I haven't any advice only to say I am still keeping an eye on this thread incase something happens that I do know something about LOL Sending lots of support your way via good thoughts xxx Joanne xxx
  12. I have just looked for my first post to see whos words of wisdom it was who made me realise there was no such thing as 'mild' and I see it was jb1964 LOL Just wanted to add a big THANK YOU to Jb, you made me see so much better xxxx Joanne xxxx
  13. Even though I will echo all the previous posts I have to have my say too....... LOL My son is 8 and we are waiting for dx for AS........ every 'professional' says he is mild, but I too disagree there is such a thing......... someone once said to me a month or so ago when I used this phrase (as it had been drummed into me by school) that a child either has AS or not and it is down to the level of stress and anxieties that child is feeling at a given time and place to how noticable it becomes........ when J is in school he is so conformed that he hardly shows any characteristics, it is when he is at home or out socialising that the AS becomes more apparent. So basically in answer to your question, yes I get this and yes I definately feel like you........ thankfully though thanks to this forum I am beginning to realise I am not alone. Joanne xxx
  14. Fantastic news....... Well done Ben ....... and Happy Christmas Viper. Joanne xxx
  15. I do it after his bath, and I find less of a struggle if i let him choose a program or dvd to watch (be mesmerised by), I start with his toes (his insistance) and by the time I am at his fingers he is so engrossed he barely notices. If I try with out the dvd he screams I am trying to kill him!!!! AGAIN its nice not to feel alone............ love this site and all of you. Joanne xxx
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