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  1. try this it is actually quite funny, my son plays it over and over lol http://www.storewars.org/flash/ hope the link works may the force etc.........
  2. Lisa, your son sounds like a carbon copy of mine lol bless them! i think!
  3. thanks for that lisa my son used to hate the cinema but i think he quite likes it now, he went to see star ars twice recently lol
  4. I just read this in a group i belong to, i have had the tv on all morning but havent heard anything. how awful. wonder why and why now?
  5. I e mailed big brother about our observations last night, have heard nothing though. I dont think he knows, his mother thought he was different but didnt persue it!. i feel so for him, i can see my son in him loads, i wonder what it will do to his confidence thats all, i hate to see ppl used as circus sideshows. and yep i reckon max is just after the booze, he has not a good bone in his body if it comes to him getting what he wants.
  6. oh im am so insenced. Eugene has been treated so badly by that pack of animals in there. he was trying to do a task where he imitated all the housemates, and they grilled him until he broke down in tears. he then had to go into the diary room to be told he had failed to win a special treat for the housemates, and they all crowded round him saying it was ok, he couldnt handle the situation at all. for goodness sakes someone take him out of there before irreversible damage is done. I could cry.
  7. my son Toms obsession with star wars was fading nicely, then what do they do bring out another movie !!! so its i need that figure this fugure that star wars lego ship. hes already seen the movie twice and cried both times bless him. wonder if Stephen Spielberg will fund this obsession till it hopefully fades into the distance again. gawd then harry potter will start lol may the force be with you!
  8. wacco, i was thinking that about John whatsit too, he could at least hold his own, and could understand jokes and when to deliver one and when not to. I think he was eccentric but not as. poor eugene should never have been let in there.
  9. wow i was thinking that today, but they need to get him out of ther now, for his own sanity. ppl like maxwell will make mincemeat out f him. i too want to hug him, specially when he tells a joke and none laughs, his face falls, poor bloke. how the heck he was ever allowed to go in in the first place baffles me. min d you, the porducers probably thought hed make good fodder for the other ignoramaces in the house (sp). aww bless Derek, he at least lets him ramble on without making a fool of him.
  10. wow congratulations! you must be so proud, god some ppl are useless arent they , but looks like that mans gonna get whats coming to him ooh i love the smell of victory in the air!
  11. wow all my son has inhis pockets are his hands and fluff lol
  12. wow i have an under active thyroid myself and think i had the condition when carrying tom although nothing wa s done about dr just said i was low in iron and kept giving me tablets. I once remember having both kids in the bath i put my head on the side and fell asleep, i was so exhausted. horrible condition!
  13. wow how that rings a bell at the moment, my own son has been in secondary school for a year, and still hates every day he has to go. Thwere is one particular 'child', i use the term loosely, who makes it his business to bully my son each and every day. the other day he called him, now excuse my language i dont swear but have to put it effing ######.........for scoring a goal in a gme of football. He has kicked a full bottle of pop at him, causing him to have a get lump behind the ear, and there have been many other incidents, too numerous to mention. I am seriously considering taking him out, they say he has to get used to the 'rough and tumble' of the playground, yeah right!! i hope u get a solution to this problem cos honestly i am really scared i hope my son has the strength to stand this but somehow i dont think he will. how many others are there out there suffering!!
  14. we were basking in 31 degree heatwave, when we heard a rumble of thunder, then torrential rainstorms hit us, and now there a re marble sized hailstones bouncing off the windows. I swear the weather has gone mad,
  15. wow that is disgusting, how could they treat you like that!. there should be at least an apology if not a downright letter saying so. how rude!
  16. yes i thought in theory it is a good idea, and i dont know how those families give up their homes and time to look after another group of adults as well as their own kids. But, i thought they had quite a bullying problem there, ie Pamela who was a real nasty piece of work. good and bad i think!
  17. oh bless him, my friends son did that too he is dyspraxic, but he loves camping lol
  18. oh my life , if i sat there for three days i couldnt do that! how unfair to take away all her golden points too, for goodness sakes!
  19. know what u mean, i think it is just the yukky oil thing too, it is slimy isnt it. my son will swallow the capusles though so at least i dont have that problem. but i agree it is revolting, it smells lovely though lol
  20. I was just about to post a thread about that very thing. it looks interesting
  21. yayy at last, a meeting which went well. toms sen was very happy with hi, this is the first meeting weve had at secondary school so were a bit apprehensive, but the teachers all seem very happy with his progress. theyve also aplied for an extra 3 hours 1-1 which will help enourmously. he has 7 at the moment which compared to his primary -1and a half, is brilliant. weve only got to prevent him from losing nearly all his stuff and were laughing hehe. so far he has lost 2 coats - one twice we still havent got either of them back a jumper four hats two pairs of gloves numerous pens and pencils a geometry set his maths and english books i dont mind about most of them but the coats are something he needs, he walks to school but im blowed if im buying him another one - they can help him look for the ones at school already!
  22. thanks for that i will use it often lol
  23. wow how awful poor woman. I hope something gets done soon, i should think this is the last thing she needs. pass on my best wishes please if you speak to her.
  24. Hi it took ages to find a compassionate hairdresser but we finally found one, and he is very gentle and explains every step to my son. hope u find an answer to yr problem
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