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  1. Oh lord yes. I have to make sure Toms phone is always topped up and fully charged when we go out, cos he invariably wanders off. Mind you he can either be found in Virgin, game, or any other games store playing on the x box or in Asda or WHSmiths looking at magazines. i lost him for an hour once and then found him in waterstones looking at yughio? books - lol. i dont worry though cos he doesnt panic and just stays put till we find him, that was the one time he hadnt got his mobile - never again!!!!!. no-one would take him either cos he would kick them if they tried <'>
  2. yep i agree, it would make anyone feel uneasy. If you think you have the strength to do it then i say go for it, you will gain a lot. good luck xx
  3. trouble is, these things happen with kids. They are rude and nasty at times and dont care who they upset. I think you dealt with it well. Its not nice but thats life im afraid.
  4. nope, mine dont do trips too well im afraid. best to stay at home in my opinion.
  5. nasty piece of work, he will get his comeuppance one day. hope yr son is ok
  6. oh no, he cant get away with that attitude. what the heck is he doing driving anyway if he cant keep his opinions to himself. nasty man, report him and dont think twice about it.
  7. whoa definatly not official - good job you didnt donate.
  8. Tom did that once and he lasmost left us i swear there was an inch between him and the car, i screamed for ages afterwards. It frightened the poo out of him and he never ever did it again. I know how you feel, talk about yr life flashing before your eyes. <'>
  9. anyhoo, another point what about all the 'teacher training days' they fit in during term time?, how come they only ever have them on monday or friday> long weekend anyone?
  10. I do take them out in school time simply because we cant afford a holiday any other time. we only go for 5 days at the most, and only ever in this country. when we were young my mom always took us out of school for hols and it didnt affect our education at all!
  11. wow they should make you an ambassador or something of autism! lol glad you enjoyed it though <'>
  12. oh lord, love him! bet his bum was warm though!
  13. tom is exactly the same he sits on our bed, the only place big enough for all his charts, books with statistics etc and fills them in while watching the match occassionally. i think he loves the whole score, who scored, line ups thingy etc. its charts and stuff he loves i think not the football. he used to play for a team but they only ever trained him never played him so he left, but hes not good at it he just loves kicking the ball around. hey ho, suppose it could be worse!
  14. my daughter went to France today, they arrived safely and as far as i can tell they are supervised most of the time, but teachers are around all the time anyway so she should be ok. good luck <'>
  15. tell me! i couldnt get in yesterday at all! said page was down.
  16. mmm thats the trouble with puters you cant actually hear the conversation lol. Tom has an obsession with man united and joined their chat group, he was banned for swearing repeatedly, but when i looked most of the ppl on there sowre. He didnt even know some of the words he used were swear words! he does now though
  17. elaine1


    my daughter was 5 too, and by the age of 10 almost all of her babies had come out she has 1 i think. In contrast her borther who is 13 still has 3 to go lol.
  18. oh ours are like that too, think a lesson is needed and quick lol <'> . glad yr daughter got out unscathed.
  19. mmm methinks the man in the family needs urgent training - i wd be livid if i had gotten up to that mess after i was ill. why are some men not including mine in this so ###### useless when it comes to caring for their families - they trt out the old line women do it naturally - scuse me but we dont we do it cos we have to. im mad can u tell?
  20. <'> yes i agree, the older tom gets - he is 13 now the more his peers are leaving him behind. They are all into skateboarding or football and they play in the street which he cant. he also still takes cuddly toys to bed and his best friend Josh who has dyspraxia and he used to rub along together nicely but now even Josh is leaving him behind preffering to play outdoors instead of the ps2 like they used to. I feel for him cos hes really noticing it now and i think he feels isolated.
  21. aww fabulous - i love it when a plan comes together lol. My son has gone to the thinktank at birmingham today i think its like a science museum with interactive displays - he will enjoy that, he likes fiddling with exhibits only this time he will be allowed to lol. only thing is I gave him ?5 for the shop and he left his wallet at home, bless him. <'>
  22. ty for all the suggestions, i think i will try the lunchables things although im not in favour of them as you say, at tleast he would be eating something. He wouldnt eat soft cheese though so the dips wouldnt work, and cold pizza wd make him gag!. will let u know how it goes.
  23. <'> wow how great for you all!. lets hope she goes from strength to strength
  24. Tom takes lunch to school every day. he has gone off sandwiches he only eats cheese sandwiches and was sick of them - fair enough but in place of them he wanted crackers with butter. He has returned with them still in his bag for four days now, so he has had nothing to eat all day long. he has a drink of orange juice, laso the only thing he drinks. he says he doesnt have time to eat them, but ate his andwiches without a problem. does anyone have any suggestions as to what to give him for lunch which is quick and easy to eat. he wont eat cheese sandwiches weve tried him with them.
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