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  1. fabulous, but a little creepy!
  2. oh that gave me a tear in my eye, bless him. wish tom had someone like that all his friends have outgrown him now, they all go off skateboarding and such - gawd help us! lol
  3. melatonin works on tom but not on me, perhaps its the dosage. valerian works for me at the moment dont know if kids can take it though, you can get it from most helath food shops readily. either that or kalms night time herbal. good luck
  4. elaine1

    Midlands meet up.

    i live in the midlands and am up for it, west midlands here.
  5. elaine1

    liver biopsy

    at the moment i feel quite sick and light headed dont know if its the tablets or my hypercondriac tendencies lol
  6. elaine1

    liver biopsy

    <'> had to go for one yesterday, bloomin painful too well the anesthetic was anyhow lol. Apparently the doc thinks i have autoimmune hepititus?sp, so have to take steriods great!. reading info sheet and under after effects is listed - moon face and acne - well how great!. shall i buy a paper bag now or later?. <'>
  7. tom loves football it is his passion, specially man united, but he doesnt mind the feel of the shirts, its the bloomin scrtachy labels they use as soon as his shirt comes out of the bag, he gets the scissors and cuts the labels off lol.
  8. awww i hope he will continue to ask questions. we felt our son needed to know about his AS he was beginning to notice the difference between him and his peers the older he got, the more he stood out in a crowd. he was sad but fine about it, i found freaks geeks and aspergers syndrome by luke jackson helped him a great deal. he is 13 and still dips into this book, luke has as and has written clearly and often movingly about his life with as and given some great tips on how to 'cope' with the condition as you get older. <'>
  9. whooooo congratulations long may it happen! <'>
  10. are they all over the country or as usual in london or manchester only.
  11. hi there my son tom is 13 today, hip hip hooray!. hes not happy cos of the 6.6.6. thing hes had some ribbing about it at school. why the heck cant they just let him enjoy his birhtday. anyhow , spots and shaving to look forward to, yayyy!!!!! <'> happy birthday tom!
  12. my son is 13 now and he never sleeps before midnight mostly its 1 or 2 in the morning before he goes, then i cant go wondering what hes doing.
  13. my grandson has very sensitive eyes, my son does too. as soon as my grandson gets outdoors on a sunny day he sneezes cos of the bright light. hes only 2 so he wont keep glasses or a hat on! we thought he may have hayfever so my dd gave him piriton and he seemed a little better. <'>
  14. ooh im pleased all went well. must say our dentist is fab with tom he lets him take all the time he needs to get settled in the chair etc.
  15. elaine1


    oh so pleased to hear of yr meeting, bet you will have a fab time. let us know how it goes. huggs
  16. I tried the bean bag thing, but it dosent work now theyre 11 and almost 13!. its good for a while though
  17. yep, i agree it sounds like a strategy for coping, it must be wearing though. my daughter says whats happening, every 5 mins when shes watching tv, and i think if u stopped saying that you would be able to hear whats ****** happenning!. bless them!
  18. ooh fascinating, will have to get the biccies out for that one lol <'>
  19. oh wow, everything has come at once eh?. lifes a ###### like that isnt it, and yr hubby and kids attitude isnt helping either, perhaps yr daughters could get some shopping for you while your dh is away. if theyre old enough to have b/fs then theyre old enough to do some shopping. i hope y health probs get sorted too, lots of love and <'>
  20. toms room is a complete tip!. me and his sister go in about once a fortnight and completly tidy hoover etc, any more than that and he would have a meltdown. in two days its back wher eit was before with things all over the floor, he says he knows where everything is! glad he does. he also leaves plates and cups up there for ages, dirty beggar! lol
  21. ooh stop reading the daily star, nasty rag! lol
  22. that is shebaz, who has now left!. he asked to leave but he shouldnt have been there in the first place, he was very fragile mentally and needed 4 hrs counselling when he came out. poor soul. yep pete is doing great so far but it is only the first week! lol
  23. oh lord, thats all she needs a 'clued up' boss lol
  24. <'> yayyyy thank goodness !! <'>
  25. yep i saw it too, he looked like he lost it this morning though he was with shabaz and couldnt control himself at all, was whisting meowing throwing his arms about grimacing the lot, eventually he calmed down but it upset me to see him so obviously stressed. my son goes straight to his room and noises emerge for about 15 mins or so, ive never gone in there cos i think its private, hes 12 now and needs his privacy i think, but im sure hes releasing all the pent up squeaks, flaps etc from school which he normally uses freely at home. hope pete always has that outlet in the house cos hes going to be in there a long time!
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