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    NT girl 17, AS boy 13
  1. Hi pearl. that's sort of what happened to me. I used to post here a lot, then I had a lot of things go very badly pear-shaped in real life (not linked to my son), bad stuff at work and other nasties crawling out of the woodwork. I couldn't be positive enough to post here, as a teacher or as a parent and rather than be unhelpful or paranoid I just stopped. It seemed a better choice than any of the others, although I'm delighted Baddad and pearl have more backbone.
  2. My son is in mainstream, has a dx of Aspergers and is now in Y9. He tried French for a year and got increasingly stressed about it, couldn't remember vocabulary and was bewildered most of the time. By the time he got to Y8 and the school added Spanish, he went into controlled lockdown and spent the lessons drawing and not talking. By mutual agreement, and with a very co-operative school and supportive SENCO, we changed things. He can manage Spanish more easily, it makes more sense to him. He dropped French and is now on an ASDAN course, bronze level. ASDAN is usually taken by children with learning needs to the point where a GCSE course would be of questionable value. B can do the work without difficulty, but it also involves lifeskills, co-operation and some level of interaction which he is finding sufficiently challenging. So he helps the others academically, they help him socially. Inclusion is not about the school making him do everything because he should. It is about adapting the curriculum for every individual to give an appropriate choice. If B's school can do it, there is no reason why your son's school should not look around for alternative possibilities.
  3. I'm really proud of B. He could barely read at 7, but his latest choice is Lord of The Rings. So that's what I'm re-reading at the moment so that we can talk about events and characters and he won't keep telling me off for having a poor memory.
  4. That was fabulous! I've printed it off and laminated it for my house notice board, so I can feel the weight of parental responsibility whenever I pass by. At least it shows that all our safety nets and procedures work, if mum wasn't in for any reason, he has a key and he'd have waited. He still thinks it's funny and keeps asking me when he goes back to school in a ponderous and lecturing manner so I can say 'Monday' in a subdued and sad voice.
  5. That's fantastic news, fresh air, exercise and cash in the future! Yeah!
  6. Well, new term started. He's spent ages not shaving over the holidays, had some serious face-fluff going on. Very proud he was. I shaved him thoroughly last night, sorted out all his new stuff, reminded him of the new teachers and all that jazz, made him go to bed earlier than usual. Hauled him out of bed at 7am, fed, clothed and out of the door before 8. Then I went to work. Got a phone call message at 10am that began "It's about your son' 'Oh God, already?' You know what's coming, don't you? Ever sent your child to school on the wrong day? They don't start til..... Monday. He went to my parents' house and they phoned my school. The only thing he pointed out was that he could have remained bearded another 4 days, and he missed his whiskers. Ho hum, a good start, no?
  7. Bard

    A label of love...

    I have a wonderful mother who sews, she says it makes her feel nurturing and grandmotherly. I drop off the items and collect them a day later. all labelled with real sewn-in name tapes. She also alters trousers to fit. And she worked out how to label football boots I pay her in second hand books and cider, it's an excellent arrangement.
  8. Bard

    Please help -

    Fire and/or decapitation. Next! Did you think I spent my evenings creating intricate macrame pot hangers BD? I've always loved stories, legends and monsters, warren's approach is distressing the traditionalist in me. Like that episode of Buffy when she used a rocket launcher on a demon...not fair play.
  9. Bard

    Please help -

    Know your monsters,warren! Vampires like silver, unless it's the wrong shape. It's werewolves and silver. A growing lad could get eaten if he gets it wrong, even with a rifle.
  10. Bard

    Please help -

    Go for a total makeover. Face transplant.
  11. Bard


    Have a pome! Greedy Dog This dog will eat anything Apple cores and bacon fat, Milk you poured out for the cat. He likes the string that ties the roast, And relishes hot buttered toast. Hide your chocolates! He's a thief, He'll even eat your handkerchief. And if you don't like sudden shocks, Carefully conceal your socks. Leave some soup without the lid, And you'll wish you never did. When you think he must be full, You find him gobbling bits of wool, Orange peel or paper bags, Dusters and old cleaning rags. This dog will eat anything. Except for mushrooms and cucumber. Now what are wrong with those I wonder? James Hurley
  12. Good find, but no. It was the long woffly one where many of us contributed our thoughts and experiences on being married to an Aspie, with or without a dx. Bid was part of it too. There was another couple, 'Lonely Aspergers wife' and 'Is your partner on the autistic spectrum?' Got the titles, can't do the links!
  13. Bard


    We had a rescue cat that had belonged to a couple of very young Americans. He came to us having lived on pizza, burgers with onions, and chili, which we had to wean him off slowly as his health was dire. he like jalopeno peppers too. We accidently found out that he liked coca cola, which was also a no no!
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