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  1. And now the original detention has been ruled unlawful. So pleased for them both.
  2. I'd be straight on the phone to ask the EP what school they thought was suitable. They do generally know what they're talking about.
  3. Speech and Language Therapy, sometimes known as SLT.
  4. Sounds tough going! Hopefully a referral to CAMHS will come pretty swiftly and you can start to get some answers.
  5. It's worth mentioning to the bus depot/transport coordinator that you're having a bit of difficulty, what do they advise. The other thing is that schools very often offer a bit of additional training to the bus staff.
  6. I built in opportunities for sensory input throughout the day. So a chance to bounce, some rolling up in duvets, a visit to softplay, and the thing he likes best, joint compressions, which make him melt. Best to have a bit of structure round it so that he's aware his needs will be met and he will, over time, be able to wait.
  7. We have a swing seat in the garden (on our third one) which gets used for very gentle rocking early in the morning and when my son comes home from school, even in the snow.
  8. Has she ever had an EEG? Been to the neurologist? Just wondering if epilepsy has been ruled out? Recommend www.fledglings.co.uk for bed-wetting products and www.turn2us.org.uk for information about possible sources of grants to pay for them. Households with an income under £30,000 in receipt of DLA at middle rate for care can apply to the Family Fund.
  9. My favourite snake oil story was told to me by Paul Shattock. He said the original snake oil was part of Chinese herbal medicine and came from Chinese water snakes. In the US it was made from rattle snakes. He swears that analysis of rattle snake oil shows very little of value whilst water snake oil is packed full of Omega 3s. He's a very plausible snake oil salesman, lol. I would do anything to improve my son's life. He is far, far too vulnerable. We still work at things to help, won't ever stop.
  10. There's a new Priory school at Roehampton now (next to The Priory). I went with a friend to visit it before it opened. They were keen to progress students academically.
  11. Baston House? Brand new, but owned by the Hillingdon Manor people. Not what you've specified but worth a look IMHO as I think ASD-friendly independent is as rare as hens' teeth.
  12. Try again, this should be a collage of pictures.
  13. Oh dear, defeated by technology. I've removed the link as I've no idea what you were seeing. I'll try again sometime soon.
  14. Was about to suggest a 'college' placement - the up to 25 option already mentioned.
  15. everything in the photo! it's going to be an adventure playground for disabled children and young people.
  16. Phew! managed to get a link to work. It's been keeping me out of trouble!
  17. getting a trust together to look after this [link removed]
  18. I prefer cooking from scratch to be honest - better flavour, usually, and no hidden unknowns.
  19. Turn2us has an online benefits checker that has all the statutory stuff and also tells you about grants you can apply to from charities, etc.
  20. Hi all. I've been given a budget of £10,000 to spend by the end of January. It's to equip a new log cabin which has a ball pool at one end and not much else. It's going to be used by disabled children and young people up to age 25. I am looking for suggestions for what we can put in for sensory toys, etc. Everything has to be either wipe clean or soemthing that can be thrown into a washing machine. Suggestions please...
  21. Short answer is there are no services for people with ASD. Once you get 'in' there has to be an assessment of all needs and services have to be person-centred so you get a chance to build in ASD-type support at that point. I would recommend you just go with it.
  22. I personally think there is a massive shake-up on the way and funding will no longer be attached to statements in the way it is now. Kathryn our PPS stands back when it starts getting hairy but points them in our direction. We've just invested some money in education Step-by-Step manuals from ACE which will allow our volunteers to give legally accurate advice with the backing of a 'professionals only' phone number to back it up. A group of people can get together and do this with a little help from your local CVS, including sources of funding. Start here to find your local organisation.
  23. Of course the leader of the headteachers union says it's because parents don't do enough at home.
  24. lol too cryptic for my own good. PPS - Parent Partnership Service What I'm saying in my first sentence is if you say to a lawyer that you have a problem and ask what you can do the answer will generally be sue, or take them to court or other adversarial action. Parents often feel it's their only option, especially after consulting a solicitor. PPS however knows what the current practice is in that LA and in the vast majority of cases can guide parents and schools through the maze of paperwork to get what needs to be on the cover sheet when it goes to Panel is actually there. I don't know if you're aware but a two-hour panel meeting may have to get through 50 cases. You need to make it as simple as possible for them to make a good decision. Could go on at length. My parents organisation rarely goes to tribunal. We have one on Tuesday that I'm not at all convinced we'll win. It has not cost the parent anything to get there and she has known from day one that the outcome is marginal. The input we've had from a PPS officer volunteering for us has been invaluable.
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