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  1. Just ate a whole pot of clotted cream............... Never again.

  2. Next week, aspie nasal hair, followed by ADHD fingernails.
  3. My cat's a ######.

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      LOL i decided on nothing!

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      Don't take it out on your cat is all I'm saying. It isn't your cat's fault.

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  4. I've seen your channel, and this is the first time ive spoken to you i believe so i thought i'd weigh in on this. From what i've seen of your very similar to me, I try to show the benifits of aspergers through sharing experiences, life tactics, and positive thinking, etc etc. The problem i've had, is people reacting badly to my posts, and getting angry at me. Some people just don't want to work hard, they just want to vent anger. (Alot of anger in the aspie world) For me and you, we use our disability's as a tool, to use to our advantage. Some use it as an excuse for there own failings. I'm going to do the undone thing, and awsnser a question with a question. Are you milking your disability? or are you refusing to be beaten by it? The main thing is, you have to think, this is one person's opinion, you have 1000 other subscribers that see you as an inspiration. Don't give that guy any air time, just keep doing what your doing. and have fun with it.
  5. Darkshine gone, lancslad gone, and now me. I'm at a point in my life where i have everything to achieve and much to gain, and i have to avoid negitive forces. I have to stay focused, i want to achieve my potential. My two best friends on this and any forum have gone, i my mind, there the two pillars that were keeping me here, now they have gone. the final straw was last night, when it was a choice between staying true to my friends, or my duties. friendship won. This is my time now, and my time to live my life, start a familly, and reach my goals. This forum has too much negitivity, and i have to cut a finger off to save the hand. The london meet is still on, if you want to go through with it but my posting days are over. I would say i'm sorry but im not, i've always had a selfish side to me, it's who i am i'm affraid. Best wishes to all.
  6. There are two people on this forum, i feel i can turn to for advice in times off need. and both of them are gone now. There's nothing for me here now, I'm out.
  7. I'm honestly considering following suit, what's the point now? lancslad, the forum father fiqure is leaving. As far as i'm concerned there is no forum now. This is a very sad loss. i may have to leave too.
  8. Topic locked on OP request.
  9. If you seek intelligence and wisdom, you must ask questions

  10. I'd have to agree. And im not convinced on the theory of aspies not liking change, i for one, get bored very easily with repetition.
  11. I think because people start several topics on much the same thing, That plus you don't get many members that just soley reply to posts, rather than post new topics. forums tend to be me, me, me. and that goes for me as well.
  12. Nothing is more powerful, than the power of prayer.
  13. Good points, i'm going to take this to the admins, and get back to you, i fully agree. FYI robert 7111a has just changed his title.
  14. People in my familly that have undiagnosed, but almost certainly have aspergers: Dad, his brother, there dad (my grandad, Now dead) My aunties on that side of the familly, and there children (my cousins) My uncle on my mothers side, my sister, my other 4 cousins, my grandad on my mothers side, and me.
  15. My arms are too big for topman tshirts and my waist is too small for my leg girth. Very difficult for me to get clothes to fit comfortably. Usually, my jeans don't fit my ass, but there tight on the leg, and my tshirts fit tight on the arms, even regular fitting ones, there's no way i can wear slim fit shirts now. I like no fear, and ripcurl t shirts, as they fit comfortably with room on the arm. and i go a size up in my jeans, and get a belt.
  16. It's a legitimate word in the dictionary, meaning unconventional, or eccentric.
  17. Be careful what spirits you mess with. Some appear as an angel of light, when they are in fact something else.
  18. I hope everyone reads this, great stuff.
  19. Title lol. Come here, post up a video, share an interesting link, tell a joke, unwind and forget your troubles. I'm going to start from a tangent i was on, from robert 7111a's topic last night. SLAM DOOR TRAINS WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  20. Why do you think i chose my username? I refuse to listen to negativity on ASD. (call me, crazy, or im spouting off white noise) but hey, it gets me up in the morning, to fight another day.
  21. Done. Is the title ok for you? I can change it again if you want?
  22. I know you don't have a faith special talent, but i will pray and ask that god delivers you the strength you and your familly need to get through this. I wish i had a magic wand to make everything better, and i feel actully quite down on myself that i can't do anything.
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