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  1. thanks for the reply anyway just waiting to see what happens now
  2. not posted in here forever so sorry that its about something like this but really could do with some urgent help my aspergers son has a daughter who is nearly 2, he is not with her mother but has been having contact with her 3 days a week since she was born. today out of the blue social sevices turned up and said there is a problem with him seeing his son because of his disability, apparently the mother has suddenly decided she thinks he is a danger and has told these social workers a load of twaddle about how his disability affects him and now they need to assess him and his girlfriend who is also his carer. apparently she has a problem because she says because he is a goth he dresses his daughter in black all the time and refuses to let her wear pink (he doesnt he doesnt even have any black clothes for her and the only reason he doesnt have pink for her is ALL the clothes her mother has for her are pink) she has a problem because apparently he always removes her bobbles which he doesnt his daughter tends to pull them out and he doesnt put them back in she is also saying she has a problem because he doesnt like to go out on his own which he doesnt he does have a problem with crowds of people and things but at the end of the day thats why hs girlfriend is his carer and she is always there. apparently these are ALL legitamate concerns for him not having contact with his daughter which apart from the going out one i cant really see what the problem is. the social worker also said to him in her experience people with disabilitys dont generally make good parents!!! can she really say this??? i guess what im asking is how much can the social services use his disablity against him, especially since this one seems to have a pre concived idea of his ability to manage, and what can we do to help his case? trace x
  3. tinytrace

    hi all

    thanks mel and yeah can be a lttle chaotic at times to say the least lol trace x
  4. tinytrace

    hi all

    not been here for such a long time now not really sure why just lost track of everything really changed computers and lost the web address anyway the reason i am back is i was hunting the web for some help and this forum came up and i was really pleased to have found it again (and impressed with myself for remembering my user name and pass lol) a little boring background now: i have 5 children 3 boys and 2 girls, 2 of my boys have forms of autism the eldest has aspergers and the other has dyspraxia and they are 22 and 17 my eldest daughter is 23 and has ceribal palsy and the others a boy 20 and a girl 16 are 'N.T' im acctually back not because of any of mine but because of my 16 yr dd's boyfriend he is 18 and he came to live with us when he was 16 he has epylepsy and they are now testng him for aspergers (which he s not taking too well at all tbh) anyway enough for now im sure i wll be posting alot more for help advice or even just support as right now i really need it sorry for waffling tracey x
  5. done i care for 1 physically disabled and 2 asd and only get payed carers for the eldest
  6. bid been a long long time since i posted but i just had to say please dont go you've been here almost as long as me and tbh i cant remember a time when i havent found your posts helpful and informative lots of <'> <'> <'> trace xx
  7. as far as i know there is no blood test for dyspraxia but when my son was diagnosed they did send him for a blood test to see if he had 'fragile X' as apparently they have the same sorts of symptoms so maybe thats what your friend was talking about
  8. tinytrace


    just seen this but congrats there must be something in the air because i just signed for mine today
  9. sending you lots of <'> <'> <'> <'> its horrible what our kids get called at school etc my son is now 16 but he still calls himself 'the devil' and is really convinced he is because his head teacher at his first junior school called him a little devil when she asked us to remove him before she perminantly excluded him (needless to say we imediatly removed him from the school but the damage was done ) people just dont realise the long term effects careless comments have on our kids trace xx
  10. hi gowler my son was like this too for most of his 15th year and we were terrified especialy as he is taller than me and very well built due to an obession with weight training and he also threatened his dad with a knife and has thrown chairs and stuff at him we tried for ages to get the doctor to agree to medication but they just kept sending him to councillers (all of which stopped seeing him after a couple of visits due to them being terrified of his meltdowns) in the end we just kept working through them and giving him eyeque and nightoll (hes been on these for years) and just before he turned 16 at the begining of the year the daily meltdowns stopped we have no idea why, although we think its something to do with him feeling he is now becoming an adult and more able to make his own disisions about education (hes not been in school for over a year and had no education scince he was 11) but now he just has meltdowns occasionaly and its usually when we expect one due to any changes etc anyway sorry i couldnt help and im sending lots of <'> <'> <'> <'> and i hope you get through this soon trace xxx
  11. hi im just going through the moving thing at the moment (we move in on the 19th) we have been trying to keep our AS son (15) involved so there are as few suprises as possible and so far it has worked apart from the fact he just found out his new bedroom is smaller than the current one so today he has had complete meltdowns at everyone who speaks to him and is sulking in his room at the moment still at least he has a week to get used to the idea hope everything goes smoothly for you and you find what your looking for trace xxx
  12. <'> <'> <'> i always find it so funny the schools actually think these exclusions work for our children rather than being a relief hang in there trace xx
  13. hi anne my 16yr old has aspergers and my 10 yr old has dyspraxia i had to fight for my older sons diagnosis but it was alot easier with my younger one i supose it was just more obvious because of the physical thigns i.e clumsiness ect he was diagnosed by a pead i also find i dont have to fight for what he needs as much as the school ect can see the problems he has and excepted his diagnosis with no problems (although it might just be because its a different school than my older son attended) dont know what actual help i can give you though sorry trace xx
  14. wow minx that looks fantastic im sure all the kids will love it, just a shame my son would consider hes too old (16 just)
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