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  1. my son is 12 and on desmopressin for night wetting! he still occasionally wets but not even once a month now.. it's been a huge help! our pediatrician prescribed it for him! and now sometimes in the night he even gets up all by himself and goes to the bathroom!!
  2. we don't stop wade from ticking or flapping.. his neurologist in the states said that when brought to their attention it could cause them more stress and cause them to unintentionally do it even more! flapping is something alot of autistic children do.. it's thier way of subconsciously relieving stress or self stimulating.. in my opinion, wade needs this for his sanity so to speak. It's his bodies way of letting off steam as such!
  3. allure


    Hi there! welcome... look forward to chatting with ya!
  4. <'> i was in exactly the same situation 4 years ago hon... my life revolved around work and my kids.. i never went out...never dated, had no social life, only friends from work etc etc etc then i met hubby online..told him about wade's ASD, He didn't bat an eyelash...his mother is bi-polar... we talked online for almost a year, spent tons on phone bills, then 3 years ago i came across the pond for 6 months to see how it'd be..brought wade with me.. fell in love, wade fell in love, he fell in love with wade and my meatloaf , we got married.. and that was 2 1/2 years ago.. I didn't think I'd ever find anyone to live with wade much less love him like I did... plus I'm no beauty queen and certainly could ummmm never look good in a bikini! I had decided that the most i'd ever have was the occasional date and then they'd meet wade and run like hell.. let's face it, ASD kids are no picnic! But i got my fairy tale and wade loves Paul as if he were his biological father and Paul loves wade as if he were his biological son...(hubbies mum even says wade acts like hubby did when he was a kid!) chin up hon..hell if it could happen to me..it can happen to anyone! *huge hugs*
  5. <'> i remember wade had a supply teacher once when he was about 8...she was bent down in his face pointing her finger at him and scolding him and he looked up at her and simply said "your breath stinks"... needless to say she was not impressed. I tried not to laugh when she told me and meekly apologized *whispering* her breath really did stink! our children haven't learned sometimes words, no matter how true or untrue can hurt people's feelings..they seem to just say whatever pops into thier minds.. sorry it's been such a bad start to half term..hang in there hon! <'>
  6. *puzzled look* usually epsom salts do help them to relax... i'm not sure hon... what about that radoc relax bath stuff? I think they have a few different ones along the "calm, sleep, relax" lines? also, not sure about here, but in the states Johnson's do a baby bath which is suppose to be relaxing and calming?
  7. allure

    bank holiday

    welllll wade has got the whole day planned.. it seems that disney cinematic (new channel on here) has "Finding Nemo" and "The Incredibles" showing tomorrow..so I think He has decided he is hunkering down in front of the TV for the day..meanwhile I'll be online, cleaning, doing laundry and cooking! so a quiet day in...plus as per norm it's suppose to rain here.. (it always does on Bank Holidays for some reason*L*)
  8. <'> <'> hon you should see my house..wade is the same way..the other day he destroyed hubbie's tape measure cuz he was pulling it out so far and inspecting it that it broke.. we have the constant battle too of straightening out and sorting.. you are not alone.. *hugs* i've just gotten to where lately I do it once in a while and try to keep things semi-organized but have thrown in the towel as far as having everything perfect all the time. (plus I hate housework! ) in my opinion it's sorta contradictory..because they do best in orderly organized situations and routines yet when playing they are so very disorganized and if left to it they end up making huge messes!! at least wade is anyway... not sure of any advice i can offer.. just know you aren't alone in this seemingly endless battle with the toys! *hug*
  9. wade went through the chewing thing when he was about 7, he would come home from school and his shirt would have huge holes in it..(thank god for charity shops!) we'd sometimes go through 2-3 shirts a day and I can't tell you how many i just sewed back together because he was driving me to bankruptcy in clothing! he still picks at his clothes (ie: pulling strings or picking at fluff) what helped us was gum and in the states thet OT gave him a chew tube.. which was esentially rubber tubing that hung around his neck loosely like a necklace and when he got the urge he could chew it..a few kids in his special needs class had them so he wasnt alone. but gum was a huge help because it curbed his need to chew his clothes..although we had to be careful he didnt' take the gum out and play with it and end up with THAT all over his clothes rather than holes!
  10. Isn't it wonderful that the rest of the world knows how to cure our children's AS and is willing to tell us?? People really do mean well with the snippets so sometimes we just have to grin and bear it. Hubby has a friend who is a "know it all" and is constantly trying to tell us what wade can and can't help behavious wise. He's left a few times miffed because we basically told him he didn't know what he was talking about and unless he'd researched it and actually lived with a child like we do, to keep his ideas to himself!!
  11. from an american viewpoint, it's truly sad because they knew this when Wakefield published his studies back 8 years ago, and now the US has their own studies, and the sad thing is, in order for your children to be able to go to school over there they have to have had this vaccine! so in other words, give your child something that could potentially harm them and change the rest of thier lives, or don't educate them, in which case you are going to jail! It's sickening!!
  12. hope you have a terrific day!!
  13. YAY!!! all hail to those that fixed it!
  14. that is sooooooooo wonderful!! I know you must be soooo proud!
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