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  1. Good luck,This is where the fight starts im sorry to say and its a very long fight and not at all an easy road.. If your near ***** you can have your child referred there to be assessed. Even if your not living in London,there is an ASD unit there. They will also diagnose ADHD if your child has it. Belive me when they go into school its even worse to try and get theie needs met. I have removed the name of the specific hospital in line with Forum rules.Please PM for information.Thanks Karen.
  2. Hi, I would also look at the ofsted report for that school on how well they are with thier sen practise as a senco doesnt have to be qualified in that feild. I torn mine apart regarding taking child out of school and went to an tribunal after a year of fighting and won the whole year backdated money with a sorry from the tribunal too.
  3. Today in the post from both LEA and tribunal was in writting the agreement to carry out ds2 statutory assessment so no having to go to appeal in april.. What a relief so heres hoping to eventually get the statement.. Cant belive i keep looking at it. I was expecting a fight as ive had to fight for everything so far for ds2. Ive phoned everyone this morning..I just cant belive it..
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    Other parents :(

    I had two similar incidents last year. On two separte occassions.A parent each time came over and had a moment whilst waiting for my child to come out the classroom. I dealt with it but taking the parent each time to the head and sorting it out with the sch. These parents now hang around together and sometimes i feel like they are talking about my son when i pass them but i do ignore it and havent spoken to each parent since. In fact one of them lied saying their son was asd and when i mentioned this to the head she said no,your child is the only one i have with asd within the infant school. Hence me ignoring this woman.
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    Hi, Not all children with ADHD have behaviour problems.In my sons case he does not. My sons issues are hyperactivity,lack of danger awareness and no fear of danger, Cannot concerntrate,impulsiveness,sleep difficulties. His peaditrition says he is what is known as pure ADHD. My son is extremly bright but cant focus at school so we decided to have him placed on concerta xl to help with his school work as this and next year are extremly important regarding the eleven plus test. He seems alot calmer and focused now but hasnt lost his sparkle. At the moment its working for him but will reassess the situation again in the short term.
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    Hi I appealed three years ago when my son was awareded low care no mobility. I sent in further evidence regarding my son including a diary etc. I won and he now as mrc and lrm. Good luck and def appeal.
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    My ds2 came home last night with homework...It was about fiction and non fiction. When i saw it i couldnt belive it, only last week he was sent home work that he couldnt even read and i ended up doing it for him. Today i had a word with the head and showed her and said its self explanitre (soz for spelling) what the issue is. She said just read it to ds2 which i had already done and told her he didnt know what i was going on about. That i was doing his homework for him. The other pieace of homework he was given i saw briefly and havent seen it since.. Im guessing its a certain male teacher that my ds2 seems to off taken a dislike to for reasons unknown. Which i also mentioned. The last peice of homework set by certain male teacher ended up in a bush. My ds1 told me which i left in their hands to find as there are many bushs in the school premises. The head is going to find out whats going on. I dont know the male teacher,i havent even seen him but my guessing is that he as probably raised his voice and put my ds2 off him. Anyone else had these issues either as a parent or as a teacher?
  8. Does ur son have any learning difficulties..ie: is he on p scales? any social communcation disorder and language difficulties? These all count towards a statement. Ds2 also has a specialist teaching service go in to help with his behaviuor and also a social communication teacher along with salt. He has extensive 1:1 all day every day and is monitered in the playground. pm if you need to chat.
  9. Yep many years ago when my ds1 was dx.
  10. I feel for you. I ve had this since ds2 started sch. I dont drive and my typical mornings are this: Ds2 doesnt want to get up and when he does its hell.Ds2 is always in a anxiuos mood which results in him having meltdowns,throwing things and hitting out at myself and siblings. This can be caused by someone in his chair,using his cutlery or even not having his clothes a certain way. By this time he as normally upset the others ds3 is by then having a tantrum whilst ds1 wants to kill ds2. When i eventually get out the door which i normaly late by this time for school run. I proceed down the road in which by this time ds2 is trying to kick ds3 or push ds1 into the road. Ds1 also got ADHD which results in him climbing anything and everything such as lampposts,walls and the bridge we walk under along with the bus stop.All the time ds2 is kicking off picking on ds3. I normally get to the bridge where ds2 is refusing to walk any further and ds3 is sitting on the ground due to ds2 being aggressive towards him. To be honest im glad when they are dropped off and dont look forward to collecting them as i repeat the experience over again. This happens every day for me. In the car (husband drives) He hates any music or anyone talking. If it happens he will kick the back of the chair and go into a meltdown. He has been like this since he could walk and its never changed. im starting to think its always going to be like this and i dont know what the answer is to it. Transport is normally only supplied if they have statements. My nephew has an escort to/fro his sen school. My sister doesnt seem to have the problems i do with getting her son around either walking or by car. Stress is an understatement sometimes.
  11. Hi, Good luck, just wanted to add could your childs school also do a cover letter stateing that the child looks tired and this effects his performance also at school. My ds2 sch did this for me for both my sons in fact.
  12. My ds2 with dx of ASD/ADHD,social communication and moderate learning difficulties has just been turned down for an assesment for statementing.They called to tell me this is due to the school coping and maybe social services could help.(hence being angry). I phoned GOSH to see if they could do an iq test and explained why,which they going to try and arrange if the local team cant.They were shocked that he didnt get an assesment. What do you all think? He is pscales 7/8 and level one for maths.He is still two years behind regarding speech and as had salt for nearly seven years now.This hasnt changed for nearly three years. I phoned the LEA this morning and was on there for best part of the morning.I reeled of the above and said what does meet your criteria then. They replied with the school has not submitted evidence regarding steragies dispite that they do have it. It is because the school yet again has messed up.(this is the third time within the year). The sch head/senco has not submitted evidence just a report.Although she has the evidence.1:1, small group sessions,the outreach service,izzy wizzy club the list goes on. I moved my son from another school in reception to a schs lack of sen policy/help and complained from the board of governers,mp.kcc education minster,ruth kelly and ombisman.Which i told the LEA this morning.They said ds2 did meet the criteria but due to the sch they had to turn him down. BUT they will try and sort this out before it goes to appeal.(i said i would go to appeal) Im going to complain regarding the sch and again write to the education minister as this is the second sch that has done this to my son and im sick of it. I had to fight for his DLA,took three appeals and the third appeal in person they said sorry and backdated it for the year.I also said this to the LEA. I also told them what i thought of their pre school service and that this should of been sorted out years ago.The LEA are sending me all copies of meetings and what the school have sent in and they are going to hold a mulitagency meeting. They are also going to ask GOSH. for advice on what DS2 will need throughout his schoollife. I told the LEA i wont be nicey nicey with the head/senco on monday like i have been for two and half years now and will be stark with her and try and get this mess sorted out. The SEN in the mainstream schs make me so angry. I feel like turning up at parliment and saying how disgraceful this all is and how many loops do our children have to jump through before receiving the help they are entittled to.
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    help, a dilemma.

    Hi i myself done a parental referal nearly six weeks ago im just waiting for an answer to see if they will do the assement,if they do then its a further six mths til they decide if they will issue an statement after all the tests are carried out.It may be that your school hasnt been collecting evidence to support a referal to collect evidence they must show that have put stragies in place,how long for and why they did not work etc. My school has done outreach,izzy wizzy club,one to one every morning amongst other things.Along with his iep and his school action plus.The LEA has also provided an communcation teacher to be sent in whilst they are looking at all the evidence from the school,the peaditrition,speech and language and what also i have supplied in paperwork.You have to have all these on board to get any hope of an statement. My son is on p scales educational level.If the LEA agree to an assesmnet they will then have ds seen by an ed psy. To do an parental referal letter you send it to LEA assesmnet officer for additional educational needs and resources.They have to give an anwer within six weeks of receiving the referal.Which is the bit im waiting for second time around ad school 12 weeks ago didnt submit evidence.If you fail this time then you can rerefer after six months. Hope that all helps and makes sense to you.
  14. Hi and welcome. Its good to hear from adults whom have this and hear how well they do in their lifes and how asd affects them everyday as adults. My friends husband is 41 with asd and i see how very similar his condition is with my ds2 and other members of my family with asd.
  15. My ds2 (adhd/asd) was describe this but to be honest it did not work for him,when i spoke to the professer @ gosh(he sees my son ) he felt this drug was more for adhd rather tha my child with duel dx and asd children.He belives he will be better on respondone.I dont like drugs but feel that in ds2 case it would benefit him in his quality of life and hasnt been an easy decision to make.
  16. I to am dispondent with this medication.I spoke to ds2 doctor (proffesor)@ gosh today,he told me if there hasnt been an improvement since ds2 been on it since august then there wont be and will be writting to ds2 paeditrition to stop the medication and he be prescribing respondone.He says the strattera is more for ADHD children rather than ASD children even though ds2 has a duel dx.
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    advice please

    After leaving several messages on the sch answer phones and trying first thing this morning.I get a phonecall from the sch,the head/senco is away til monday but the deputy head said sorry and would of course support it.i asked her to call lea as they called early evening yesterday which she did cause i phoned the officer myself after twenty mins. she said the school said they didnt realise there was a time limit and they would get required info of as soon as possible.The officer said to me its to late as time up legaly but as soon as september comes resubmit as sch info would then be there.Meanwhile she would get a communction/interaction teacher to go into the school for ds2 as she feels he does need that help. She also said there were no availble sen schools to meet ds2 meets other than the nearest one been half hour or so away which she felt was to far with him being so young. she was extremly helpful and know excatly what she was doing which surprised as i thought the lea would be my problem.
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    advice please

    HI, I had a meeting on 19th jne first with paed that agreed ds2 needed a statement then a meeting with head whom also is senco,she said they had all the evidence ready. so on that day i put in straight away for parental referal via letter which they received and replied three days later. well today i get a phonecall from lea,the assessment officer said she couldnt go any further as sch not replied to what she had written on the 22nd june and a further follow up letter plus they have tried calling her to no avail due to the holidays.i had spoken to said senco last wednesday to ask if lea have hoildays like sch to see when i would get an answer.her reply was nothing will be sorted til september. No wonder why. lea not impressed as they see what evidence that has been submitted that he does have issues but without the sch imput their hands r tied.Its taken me from reception till now end of year two to get this far.Any advice please.
  19. Hi i also have a daughter whom is almost fourteen,maybe your daughter could chat online to mine on msn or via email.let me know
  20. I think you would have to redo the form again to update them and who knows with the dla whether they would uprate it or down rate as i feel they are a law to themselves.
  21. I personally feel there should be a qualification in sen like your general teachers qualification that you have to have to become a teacher.I feel only if you have this qualification that you can then deal sen children.Maybe it would also be a good idea for those studying to become teachers to make this qualification compulsary whilst they are gaining other teachering qualifications.Then further qualifications made available to the profession with more in depth knowledge if they wanted to become sencos etc.I also feel lsa should also do a qualification in sen whilst learning on that course.Not just for asd but other sen.
  22. yes you can get both,c hild tax credits aand income support
  23. Hi with my ds2,its the look on his face that gets me while he is a meltdown,ita a look of total stress,he has had these since he could walk and is nearly eight.all with the same intense emotion of stress.It happens mainly whilst outside and he throws himself to the ground and you just cant get him to move,indoors its throwing things,breaking things,kicking things,these can last up to an hour or so depending.I can sometimes head these off if i see it in time coming on.The best way to handle it is to make sure they are safe and then let them get on with it til its over then softly speak to them. All sorts can trigger it, smell,noise,crowds,not understanding something etc the list is endless.They dont seem to grow out of this like ive said ive had seven years of meltdowns With toddlers is more of i want kinda thing and not handling the word no and last a whole lot less,my daughter was queen of tantrums when she was a toddler but grow out of it by the time she was four now grown into a sulky teens which is much quieter lol.
  24. Hi i have just done a referal for my ds2,his peaditritaion suggested it after the school seemed to be dragging thier feet.I went straight from the peads appointment to a meeting with the head/senco for her opinion and she agreed staright away saying all the evidence is there and she is 100 per cent behind us and it would be far quicker for us to do it than the school.Referal went of same day,got letter from lea within a week asking would i also like to add further information which i done and sent it yesterday as they wanted to get started asap for a decision whether to assess.Now im waiting for the next step. I would say regards if you want your child satying within main or sen school if they need a statement then go for it as you are doing the best for your child.Dont fear you will be upsetting the school or anyone else they wontbe seeing your child as an adult and how they manage life its you that will be.
  25. I totally know how you on feel, with my children i take away what they really like and only give it back if the bad language stops.This is normally for 24 hours before i give it back and if it happens again i will take it again.Admittidly it took a while before it sank in and the connection was made.Although i havent totally got rid of it,it is def much less.I had previously tried all the time out etc but ds2 never really got the reason behind that. Ive done the same regarding my teenage daughter regarding answer back and again it is much less than previous.
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