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  1. Hopefully your pead will get everyone to help you now hun. <'>
  2. Glad today went well even if it didn't feel like it hun <'>
  3. OPooh


    Think it varies and how straight forward the claim seems to be. Mine took less than a month.
  4. OPooh


    oh do you have one yet. Mine decided that the ps3 is too buggy and not as good as the 360- besides too impatient to wait They love it.
  5. Aww am sure you're right and he didn't mean it literally <'>
  6. Mine does lie but badly. The thing is I have experienced a similiar thing in that my son said everyone at school was bullying him and the school said no-one was. I don't think it was a lie as such, just that his perception of the social world around him is different. He's very sensitive to pain and things and so if anyone accidentally slightly bumped him he interpreted it as someone trying to kill him. Hope you get to the bottom of it.
  7. OPooh


    Thank you. Yes I feel it already is. xx.
  8. OPooh


    lmao no they wouldn't even spend on postage costs - they sent it out with the lady who came to help with my dla form to save the 20 odd pence Thanks all
  9. I finally have written confirmation that my son has aspergers......Can you believe it's been 7 years since it was first mentioned. Am still in shock they've actually agreed he has though.
  10. Happy birthday - glad you're feeling a bit better now.
  11. Hello and welcome. Yeh I know that one but my son attacks his little brother. Mainly bites and scratches him so I have to keep an eye on them all the time if they're together. I encourage him (when cooking etc) to go upstairs and read whilst the little one helps me cook the dinner (sits on the worksurface with my spare potato peeler lol). My boys are alomst 10 and 3 btw. Good luck with it.
  12. OPooh

    Gifted and Talented

    Thanks for the replies.I think it was the results of his CATs that did it...means nothing to me lol. Pepper that was really insightful. My son is 10 next month and am considering entering him into the top grammar school in the area...that's made me feel even more that it is right for him.
  13. OPooh

    Gifted and Talented

    Ironically I know my son is allowed in the year above maths group because they know how to get him to behave well whilst another able lad is kept behind for "behaviour"
  14. OPooh

    Gifted and Talented

    Karen that sounds very positive. How did they enable the opportunities to happen? My son is been put in the top maths grp in the school at the moment.
  15. OPooh

    Gifted and Talented

    Yes am hoping that now he has a dx of asd the school will stop ignoring stuff. Like just because he's really bright doesn't mean he can cope with them changing say a room and expecting him just to remember because they've told him once - like they would with something like maths. Is nice to find other people know how I feel - and yes I think the extreme brightness hinders friendships even further.
  16. My son's school are just putting on his IEP that he is gifted and talented at the same time that he has been diagnosed with ASD. I just wondered if there was anyone else with any experience of this?
  17. OPooh


    the beauty of maths though is there is ALWAYS a reason for the answer. Just needs a good mathematician to explain what the reason is maybe?
  18. How does he cope with a mobile? We're thinking of getting our ds one so we can contact him and make sure he's ok but worried that other kids will steal or break it for him.
  19. Yay the pokemon obsession has finally subsided here too (but only just).
  20. <'> I did have a stage of the assessment programme "ignored" when he was 3 because he wouldn't "behave" enough for them to assess his behaviour. Dam stupid if you ask me.
  21. I think they are good if kept up to date.
  22. I can guarantee mine comes in to the minute because he's infactuated with time .....but he keeps saying the other kids are hurting him, and his stuff goes missing
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