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  1. aww sounds like a good, caring school. hope all goes well for you x
  2. hope its gets sorted, good god! this story made me remember when a boy who was supposed to be t's freind told him to strip naked and run round the garden. he did and this boy just stood there laughing. I could have easily smacked his face right off, our garden was on a hill and everyone could see what was happening. i just happenned to look up and see t and ran out to get him indoors. this boys mother didnt do a thing about it - she lived next door and saw the whole thing. good luck with it - our kids are so vulnerable and will do anything to prove they are freinds with someone. it makes me sick just thinking about it
  3. oh bless him, he must have changed for yr friends to notice! <'>
  4. mmm wonder if they will ever show the film on tv?
  5. wedensday too for me, got a very nervous 11 yr old starting secondary school, and Tom who hates the new term. what joy!
  6. <'> not tried center parcs, we go to butlins but its too noisy for some, think center parcs is more sedate.
  7. <'> awww thanks for all yr hard work, sit back and enjoy!
  8. my son only made squeaky sounds till he was about 4, then he went to speech therapy and began to speak when he went to playgroup. I think he could speak but was afraid to, but he had to at playgroup. <'>
  9. <'> omg! has she nothing better to do!. our son is always looking in our neighbours garden - they wave at him and he looks away lol. stupid woman.
  10. our son isnt too bad when were all in the same room, but if we all go to someone elses house he is very agitated. he usually goes into their garden and stays there till the visit is over. When we go shopping we usually split up, i hate that really cos it means me and dh cant enjoy it together. also we find that if our son doesnt think hes going to benefit from the shopping trip he wants to stay at home. He is 13 now and is quite capable of doing so, he wont answer the door or house phone just his mobile cos i usually check him with my mobile. He is usually found where we left him but i worry all the time we are out and obviously our shopping is very swift and hurried, so our daughter gets agitated - you cant please everyone!!!!!
  11. good god, i dont know what to say. you have my suppourt though. oh and im in my 50's btw, cheeky devil!
  12. same here. t is often on it when i get up at 7 in the morning. its either that ot the ps2, he will go out to play footy for an hour or so but thats all the excercise he gets really. we try to take him out for walks but he says his legs and feet hurt after 10 minutes and we practically have to carry him home! hes 13 and five foot 2 so not easy as im only 5 ft lol.
  13. yep i agree, sounds like you need to go to the gp he might be able to arrange respite care to give you a much needed break. let him know how u feel dont hold back. good luck x
  14. my god, thats a mirror image of what happens in our house. T has been friends with J since they were 8 or so theyre now 13. But its always me who has to ring to make arrangements for a play day. J has sleepovers here but t is never invited to sleepover. on very rare occassions j will ring and ask if t can go over but its only ever for a couple of hours. It does really get to you after a while i must admit. my daughter has had her friend over for three sleepovers now but shes never been asked back to this girls house, they always meet up at her grans house! i give up. perhaps i should stop offering to have thier kids and see what happens then!
  15. Of course there were these things in her day - ppl just got locked in sanitoriums so you never saw it. silly woman. Mind you i dont believe in kid glove treatment if Toms done something he knows is wrong he gets punished for it. I dont let him get away with bad behavious just because he has AS. he knows right from wrong. that doesnt stop him trying to blame his AS though lol
  16. wow thats alot to handle. perhaps it wd help if u talked it out? good luck <'>
  17. im gobsmaked to say the least! good job you didnt have AS isnt it!
  18. me too, if my elder dd didnt drag me out occasionally to do some shopping id never leave the house during the week. i love it here in the peace and quiet on my own. think its cos life is so chaotic in this house specially during school breaks.
  19. he has become more talkative lately and will sit for some time with us downstairs instead of being upstairs on the ps2 all day long. he had a bad time when he first began secondary school but now seems to be better <'>
  20. he was fine, although i had to ring to find out. i would have thought the boys mother would have rung me. never mind, he made it!
  21. Toms school days are peppered with sen's asking him to look at them look me in the eye no matter how many times i tell them he wont do it they still add it to his ISP every year since primary - hes 13 now. when will they get it!!!! just cos he isnt looking at them doesnt mean he isnt listeneing or doesnt want to speak to them, he does look at me and his dad though but noone else - why is it so important in some ppls veiw to do this???????
  22. Toms friend had just rung to see if Tom wants to go to his house. He lives about a 10 minute walk from us. Normally his friend walks up and picks up tom then they walk together. this time Tom has left our huse and they are going to meet halfway - hopefully!!!! I will be on tenterhooks till his mom rings to say Tom has arrived. help!!!!!! <'>
  23. yep i said that to my dd who is 11 going on 21. she said i dont think it would work mom, i think shes right!
  24. I honestly dont know what advice i could give you, i cant even begin to understand what youre feeling. I just hope you find a solution other than rat poison, that would be an end not a solution. <'>
  25. wow i just love that, it describes my son totally.
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