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  1. way way too far! lol have a great time though
  2. hello, believe me when i say we have all had days, (emphasis on the DAYS), like that. I know how u feel about mainstream schooling i was worried sick when my son started, he had been to an asessment unti for 3 months previously and a playgroup, but it took him ages to steel at school. at storytime he would pace round the room cos he didnt want to sit on the carpet with the others, he would flap and squeak in assembly, much to the amusement of his classmates who would flap along with him and disrupt the whole ambiance lol. but he is in secondary school now yr 8 and he is fine. he has his moments mostly others comments but the school are great with that, academically he is up there with the others. I would say try it and see if hes not coping u can always change the arrangement. good luck <'>
  3. weekends are fraught with kids on puter all the time so i dont get on too often weekdays are better for me. speak soon xx
  4. oh my lord, it took ayear to get rid of ellies, im sure shed hate it if she had one! lol
  5. Tom often refers to himself as stupid although we have never called him that, perhaps someone at school has said it. Tom knows he is different to others though and he says my brain doesnt work, and thumps it with the flat of his hand. it is shocking but maybe he has begun to notice the difference between himself and others, maybe he needs a chat.
  6. I did my nneb course in 1984 when i was 32, i had two kids then one aged 14 and one 13, it was murder but i did it. that was in the good old days when u had to work in hospital and do night shifts too, we also had to nanny for a week, work in a nursery for three weeks, a special school for 2 weeks, and a primary school too. all this and full time college for 2 years. it darn near killed me but i loved it, i got a grant from the council because i was a single parent. good luck with it <'>
  7. shaz did u try to get me on pm yesterday? i only ask cos my kids were on the puter but sign in under my msn passport, so u may have thought it was me. Ellie came in and said mom theres an orange message at the bottom of the puter, but by then youd probably been waiting for ages. sorry
  8. russel brand is fab, i love him when he comes over all victorian. hes great. funny isnt it though i always notice that the 'special' ppl in big brother turn out to be the most kind and human of the whole bunch. some of them are just out for themselves and wd step on their granny to get 5 mins on telly
  9. good god woman, if anyone needs to 'winge' its you, something has to be done for all your sakes. have u thought of placing him in a unit, after all they give the same education as 'ordinary' schools but the teaching staff are much more educated in the ways of special needs. I have often thought of taking tom out of mainstream myself. it is the only solution i can think of to help u all, but as u say it cannot go on. all the luck in the world with it and i am here if u need a chat. <'>
  10. we have had trouble with a group of boys at my sons school, however in the schools defence they jumped on it and sorted it straight away, their school has a zone too, but tom doesnt have to use it if hes feeling stressed he can go there at lunchtime and use the computer or read, he takes a packed lunch by choice cos its a scramble at the meal counter, and he cant always get what he wants, also he has to sit next to children he doesnt know, and he knows ppl in the sandwich room. good luck with it, im sorry yr son has had such a rough time, i hope u get the help u need. if u need to pm me let me know im here if u need a chat. <'>
  11. he lives in brighton i think
  12. i love him, i think hes a genuine gentle person, he comes across as very friendly. i dont like that model bloke, or that girl with blonde hair who thinks shes gorgeous! and as for the scottish bloke hes a nutter lol. u can tell i dont know any of their names yet cant u lol
  13. Lauren thats just what our gp said tom has mild autism, i felt like saying oh will he be cured in a while then? stupid people you wd think proffessionals would learn but i keep hearing this over and over again.
  14. whoooo!! glad youre staying ! <'>
  15. awww wish i lived near someone in this group, aww well glad u had a great time though <'>
  16. one of the gps in our practise is very AS friendly as he did some training with a professor specialising in autism, but the other three are not so clued up. more often than not these days we only get to see a locum anyway, i havent seen one of the practices main gps for over a year.
  17. <'> im glad that,d'S mom was so understanding and cooperative not many parents would be. hope u get an answer soon <'>
  18. <'> ni i wouldnt buy one either, mind my son is 12 and he wouldnt wear one!. I agree with you, i was terrified when my son was finally labelled as having AS, i thought it would mean he would be treated differently, of course that didnt happen. but i understand yr feelings
  19. oh you i have my sympathies, i dont sleep well and around 3 i usually get really tired i have to haul myself up and go to collect my daughter from school. then its all go when i get back. <'>
  20. oh wow what w week! hope it gets better soon <'>
  21. elaine1


    mm i do believe some kids with AS are very good with speech but their understanding isnt too good. surely proffessionals dont expect our children to follow a rigid pattern?. are we not all different in some way? gawd!
  22. aww how wonderful to have such great friends. <'>
  23. when my son started school i took reams of stuff in id printed from the internet. They were very grateful for it and they refferred to it often. I would do the same, and just say i hope this will help if youre ever stuck and cant get in touch with me or something like that. tact has never been my fine point! <'>
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