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  1. <'> whoo wish i had had that book when t was small
  2. different areas have differnet policies, and different ways of implementing them. hope youre are good though. welcome to the uk. <'>
  3. elaine1

    It P***s me of

    <'> youre not alone my mom is very self absorbed. My dad died, theyre divorced and she said I hate it when things come along and upset my life, I like a quiet life. Well if she carries on like that she will get a very quiet life indeed. some ppl !!! as they say u can choose your freinds but...... I also get migraines and know what theyre like, even without kids to look after they floor you. Hope youre feeling better, if u want a moan u can add me to yr pm list.
  4. aww poor you, it does make u feel rotten, but if u have yellow on yr tonsils it might be tonsilitus i wd check with the gp. <'>
  5. aww how lovley i do loads of paint shop pro drawings, i belong to a graphic group. maybe i will use one of mine!!
  6. <'> Oh im so pleased u enjoyed it. we have to sit on the end of an aisle cos t goes to the toilet at least 4 times during the course of a film. If his sister speaks he shouts shut up really loudly too!. but as u say at least our kids arent doing things like throwing popcorn at everyone or shouting all the time.
  7. elaine1

    3 words

    tired broke happy
  8. Oh lol, I would do something like that tooo!!!!!
  9. elaine1

    Peter Kay

    I just love Peter Kay so much, although i must say, if i worked with him that constant laughing wd really get to me!!!
  10. <'> oh, congratulations. how lovely glad he is fit and well.
  11. t was like that after he went to see dad in hospital, he has calmed down now but it took over a week for him to settle. I think things just throw them so much they cant cope and regress. hope yr son is back to himself soon. <'>
  12. I do find if i spell it out as you say, t does understand. If i just generally say stop that i already told you it goes in one ear and out of the other <'>
  13. forgot about that, but i had read about them before. I dont know how they cope. I couldnt do it.
  14. apparently it was filmed on CCTV, they both jumped about three minutes apart. poor things.
  15. thank you all. I got the cartlige of my right ear pierced, must be the lack of hrt or comething. anyhow its ok didnt hurt a bit. Then went on a shopping spree, my partner always gives me money (yayyy) cos he never knows what to buy me lol.
  16. <'> Oh poor soul, hope hes more settled soon. It must be traumatic for him and you too, specially with ppl not reading notes properly!
  17. Oh how wonderful, it must be a weight off your shoulders. fabulous!!!! go on kiss the ######!
  18. Have u tried Piriton its made especially for spotty allergies etc. Worked much better than calpol for mine.
  19. oh wow, i couldnt find the bravery to send mint to boarding school. My sisters kids went and they are quite independant for their age, but they also had to be quite hard to cope with the rigours of that life. You are expected to get on with things such as bullying etc and not 'moan' about it it is seen as part of school life. Hope all goes well, perhaps yr sons school will be different if they are geared to 'special needs'. <'>
  20. I often wake feeling like this, or should i say get up cos i dont really sleep that well!. I just have to wait for it to pass over, and try not ot affect anyone else too much. Hope u feel better soon
  21. wow quite honestly id tell her to stay away if she cant respect the way you bring up YOUR child. She was being rude and offensive in the shop and i would have told her so in front of everyone, very loudly. dont stand for this behaviour its not on. <'> <'>
  22. <'> I know its hard but try not to point out the dangers for her, saying no dont do that makes her want to try it. She might learn by her own mistakes. obviously if its very dangerous then step in but otherwise leave her to work it out. hope this helps
  23. Oh why do ppl think they know better than us, they just disregard our feelings entirely as if werr pandering to our kids needs like a spoilt child. grrrrrrrrr hope it all goes well and if it dosent tell her this is what happens when you disregard our feelings. serve her right.
  24. Oh wow i hope you get this sorted, poor chap. My son is of mixed race but he has very fair skin and non curly brown hair, he also has green eyes. His sisters skin is coffee colour and she has straight black hair iwth red tones in it. He keeps saying shes not his sister which upsets her, but how do u explain it. Sometimes at pernts evenings the teachers take a double take when me and his father who is jamaican turn up, they look as if to say oh theres another step father. When my hubby came to visit us in the maternity ward, the nurse sent him in to this jamaican woman he was really upset. Cos tom looked white they assumed he wasnt his baby. Good luck with it all. <'>
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