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    Hi again!

    Hiya...just said Hi to ya on Baggy's post, good to see you back Another old face still here Clare x x x
  2. Clare63

    Aye Up

    Hey Baggy & Loobylou2 .....Good to see you back I missed you guys so much Clare x x x x
  3. Clare63


    Hi Sarah, Well done and congratulations, I know only too well how you feel, just wanted to say though be gentle with yourself, things don't always fall into place straight away (well not unless you are really lucky) . We had a few wobbles at the very begining but my son has settled so well and come on leaps and bounds, was so worth all the fighting, however personally I felt a lot worse for a period after he started the new school than I did whilst fight the EA and getting the statement etc., can't really explain what I mean, just generally exhausted and tired, think my expectations had become so high that the new challenges brought by starting a new school unsettled "me" more than I could possible imagin. Wishing you the very best of luck. Clare x x x
  4. Whoops....bit late, sorry I missed ya birthday, hope it was a good one . Clare x x x
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~ PEARL Hope you have a lovely day Clare x x x
  6. Hi Hev, Just a quickie, Connor's school is due to open a 6th form in September, you could try giving them a ring for details (Its a "P" school in Surrey) if you ant more info let me know. Clare x x x
  7. Hey how exciting....good luck, I just heard from a friend that she too has an audition, she'll be in the over 25's group Good luck and keep us posted Clare x x x
  8. Stella......what can I say OJ is amazing.....brought a tear or two to my eye as well. <'> <'> <'> Clare x x x
  9. Clare63

    Bad News

    Bid, how awful I am so sorry to hear this, sending you my support and best wishes for your daughters speedy recovery <'> <'> <'> Clare x x x
  10. Clare63

    New School....

    Wow what a brilliant start, you must be so pleased Clare x x x
  11. Good luck Shaz, you will do just fine ! Clare x x x
  12. With all the packing you have been doing you should almost be done ! hope the "right" house comes up very very soon. You certainly deserve a run of good luck Clare x x x x
  13. Hi there, So glad you plucked up courage to register, I just know you will find this place helpful and supportive. Welcome ! Clare
  14. Hi sjb, well done for challenging the decision I get DLA for DS and carers allowance and I do a wee p/t job. Clare
  15. Hiya Shaz, So good to hear from you, I often wonder how you are doing. Great news about the children, you are doing a wonderful job. <'> <'> <'> Clare x x x
  16. Hi Joanne, Firstly good news that you finally got a diagnosis, its going to take a while to get to grips with it all and you'll probably feel on an emotional rollercoaster for a bit. Hopefully school will now sit up and take notice, its not really fair that they suggest he has more time off, they should be planning what support they can give and provide inclusion for him. Once you have had chance for all this to sink in, its probably time to apply for a statement. In the meantime be gentle with yourself, its still early days. <'> <'> <'> Clare x x x
  17. Awwww Donna, so pleased you managed to read your poem, sending you loys of hugs ..... <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> Clare x x x
  18. Mel ~ So encouraging another step forward Clare x x x
  19. Hello there and welcome Clare
  20. Clare63


    Hi Teresa, Welcome ! Clare x
  21. Clare63

    Waving Hello

    Hi Amanda, Welcome ! Clare x
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